Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Shall we go for April

I feel a little nervy this morning. I live my life by precise instructions. Not completely tied to the clock you understand but to get things done I have to work by a list. 

My alarm goes off at 6 am each morning, I rise, shower & walk the hound. I have a hat of some description on my hair, the orange glow in the dark jacket Mike brought home for me & off we pop.

I look rather like the health & safety version of Worzel Gummidge 

We hear the birds sing, the scuttles of small animals in the hedges, meet the odd dog walker & I gaze at the stars in the sky. 

It's my time of peace & tranquillity - Mike woke up early this morning & took the dog for a walk & it's put me out of sync - there is chocolate cake in the fridge - I may have some for breakfast.

Just so the universe finds it's balance you understand! 

Back to April 

After having a further discussion on about the veg garden last night I've asked told Mike I want it sorted by April.

Mike has his four day break towards the end & it will then be ready for the new growing season.

I'm feeling rather nervy excited now, I can start sowing some veg seeds soon! 

Take care all xx

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Veg plotting

I've been pondering again over the garden. Out loud to Mike who had the good sense to listen deeply & more importantly agree.

It's very important to me to be able to nip out & gather something for dinner. I'm also conscious of the need for it to be time effective. 

The current veg bed was a mistake, to turn the veg garden into a time effective operation I really do need separate veg beds. It would make it a whole lot easier to keep on top of. 

I've been going over in my mind about what I want to grow & to be honest two small beds isn't going to cut it. 

Sweetcorn & courgettes

Salad bits 


A few cabbages & broccoli 

& really a fifth bed because well you know garlic, Florence fennel & veg I could very well buy but want to have a dabble at growing my own

Potatoes & carrots will still be grown in pots.

So all of this has given Mike something to think about, whether it happens this year we shall see but it's still nice to plan

Monday, 8 February 2016

A round up

Apologies - the dreaded lurgy hit here over a week ago & took everyone down in its path. Even the dog wasn't immune although I thought he had damaged his leg rather than caught a bad cold. He hadn't thankfully. 

Not much has happened to be honest, a discussion on how long it will be to finish the house & garden. I've given  it 18 months . It sounds like we have a lot to do & we haven't really just the work we do have to do means disruption & we may as well do other jobs along with it. 

The sitting room needs re-plastering so when we do that we can move the radiator to the opposite wall. This in turn will give us more space.

The TV blew up (a rather dramatic description for the picture refusing to come on) Saturday morning. I was rather impressed with Mikes speed of replacing it. Surprising really with the rugby & football on don't you think! Anyway two hours later he had bought a rather swanky new one along with a bracket for it to go on the wall above the fireplace. Not sure I'm keen on this but it will give us room for a another bookcase in the alcove instead. 

The stair carpet needs replacing desperately but before that happens Mike wants to replace the bath & I want fitted furniture in the bathroom so you see that's where the time comes into it. And money of course!

A little round up of what I have been doing though

I've finished the first part of my Quilt along over at Sew & Quilt, I think my next batch of fabric arrive next week - very excited indeed! 

I started my CAL again as I had made some seriously bad mistakes. I had a different blanket pack of wool, one of the Attic 24 ones so I used that instead of unravelling the blanket. I'm pleased I did as I really like this colour way & I've learnt some new stitches. I'm half way through now.
I shall concentrate on this during the evenings this week.

Amy has opened up an Etsy shop selling patterns & products. She was looking for volunteers to test a pattern so I happily sent my name through. I made this sweet little sunflower to her design & it was rather fun to do & I have seriously impressed myself that I could actually do it. I mean look at that - wonderful instructions Amy.

And finally the sun shone here yesterday - well for the morning at least & I had every door & window open to celebrate. 

A view from the kitchen sink that always makes me smile
I zoomed in & it's through the glass but I like it anyway.

Right off to catch up - take care all xx

Wednesday, 27 January 2016


I'm having one of those weeks - perhaps the January blues is true - more likely the amount of people who have peeved me is to blame! I'm going for the last one.


1. Dipsticks who turned off a server in work last week & took 99% of my work with it, Little Miss sufficiently ranty pants ensured it was switched back on. The blame was apportioned to someone else - the mum stare soon stopped more lies!
2. I'm looking after my nephew this week, it is proving to be trying to say the least! His parents are having what they call 'a cheeky little get-away' I'm calling it 'a starting to take the **** now' especially as they have won a holiday & no doubt in their airy fairy world will expect me to help out again! Errm no.
3. My brother who has quite possibly peeved me off the most! Monday was my dads 1st death anniversary & my brother wanted to go out for lunch. As he is single I agreed as he doesn't have anyone to lean on -blah blah blah - deep down I'm a kind hearted person. He thought it was quite acceptable to go out at 1pm & while away the afternoon. I told him 11am as I had to be back for the boys. It got to 12:30 & repeated texts from me & then I cancelled it given it would take 40 minutes to get to the restaurant, lord knows how long for lunch & another 40 minutes to get back.
4. The 'rose-tinted glasses' postings from my siblings on facebook on my dads death day. God that site has a lot to answer for. Even Mike knew it was a load of 'claptrap' when he phoned me & slightly begged me not to respond. 
5. I'm quite behind on commenting on your posts - apologies! I was rather good last week but I had taken a break from the housework you see to prove to Mike that we don't actually have a fairy to do it for us! I was proved correct as the house was a bit of a shambles & his brother wanted to visit. I said no & Mike couldn't think of a suitable reply. Needless to say he did a bit on Saturday :) 

There are other minor peevements which  I think I am over now

Onto some pretties

I've joined up to The Lucy Boston Patchwork of Crosses Block of the month club because I wanted to. It's run by Sew & Quilt

I had by first delivery yesterday & have been busy cutting out some rather delicious Liberty fabrics! 

It's my treat to me  because I deal with enough from my family, the one I was born into not Mike & the boys! I'm going to make myself some dripping with butter toast shortly too! 

Mike bought me some tulips too 

Friday, 22 January 2016

Five on Friday

I hadn't planned to do a Five on Friday post this week but I seem to have the time to - in fact I seem to be on a roll this week. Perhaps at the age of 42 I've matured & can successfully manage my time. It will however all go to pot next week but we shan't dwell on that shall we.

I've been a gardener for such a long time, I can't imagine never not growing my own. For many years I gardened from my armchair before taking the plunge & digging up the lawn in the back garden & having a veg plot instead.

So here are five reasons for growing your own or perhaps there may be a myth or two put to rest

1. Gardening keeps you fit & healthy by increasing your exercise. Perhaps so if you have a large plot, but mine encourages me to have a gentle meander round the garden.

2. You can encourage plenty of wild life into the garden. This indeed is true however my resident toad cannot keep up with the slug population & the birds dislike the caterpillars on my gooseberry bushes. 

3. Gardening teaches your children where fruit & vegetables come from & encourages them to eat healthily. This again is true however even Usain Bolt couldn't make his way through a strawberry/raspberry bush at the same speed of my children.

4. Growing your own is a cheap way to eat fruit & veg. Not even close - on a small scale it is purely a hobby a blinking expensive one at that. Unless you are more organised than me which I'm sure you are.

5. Joking aside, there is no better feeling than carrying a basket of your own produce into your kitchen with the sun on your back.

Joining in with Amy's Five on Friday - pop on over to see who else has joined up x 

Wednesday, 20 January 2016


Well my kind anyway!

You know when you read a post on someone's blog Codlinsandcream2  & you have a severe case of the wanties !!

Then you give yourself a strict talking to over several days about not making random purchases & saving money.

Then your husband, partner or even wall sees how sad you look - not very sad but when your trying to be a grown up kind of sad & tells you to order said book.

Then you excitedly look at said website & then see said book is part of a package deal also!

Then you sadly think to yourself 'too much money' but it would be a saving as you would buy all four books anyway!

Then said husband, partner or wall looks at you & says - well I wont go into all that but here is my exquisiteness -

These are truly exquisite books - I implore all your crafty folk to visit Janet Clare to see for yourself

More Exquisiteness

As part of my 12 days of Christmas swap which Jo kindly organised in which I was partnered with the lovely Susan I have another shot of the pen which was one of my gifts.

Susan sent me an email this week  explaining about some of the gifts she sent me. My pen was made by a friend of hers (yes made) from a banksia seedpod. Isn't that fascinating - I love it even more now!

Right in the interest of fairness & I've seen this on other posts elsewhere I was not paid for the review - they are my own words. I have four books because I'm a greedy trout but they are truly beautiful & by buying them direct I am not supporting a huge company! 

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Walking the hound

I'd like to say I took photos but I've misplaced the camera again (& again & again & again) not quite my fault  as it's so small! We are going to buy a bigger (proper) one but that might lead to an argument or nine - anyhoo

I've just come back from taking Rocky Hound for his evening walk ( afternoon on Monday because I'm off) 

The hound is currently snoozing on his knitted with love by me blanket where as I have dinner to prepare, hoovering, bathroom to clean & some clothes to put away. As a side note Harry who is supposed to be doing homework is strumming away on his brothers guitar - badly. I feel a bellow coming on!

We bumped into Harry's friends mother who was walking their Jack Russell (very cute hairy one who came from a rescue centre) 

Rocky who is scared of his own shadow by that letting the Jack Russell side down, behaved admirably  - only a few squeaks! 

Prior to bumping into each other as I saw them ahead a thought entered my mind.

I had visited my mother & drank two glasses of wine. Which is customary & she gets rather put out if you don't have an alcoholic beverage. This is the reason I see my mother at 2pm rather than 10am as the offer of a glass of wine is always there. 

Not everyone is as slatternly as me & this lovely lady takes Harry to school & picks him up & I wanted to check that this was still okay.

Conscious of smelling like a brewery I removed my gloves, licked my palm & sniffed, Then as I couldn't remember if I was supposed to lick the top of my hand & sniff instead naturally I repeated the exercise, no doubt to the hilarity of a passing bus.

Erm I couldn't smell anything offensive so I caught up on the way home for a conversation & managed not to knock her out with any fumes.  

She is more than happy to take H, I knew it was but I still wanted to check & I did take round a bunch of flowers last week.

Back in work now & while I really should do a garden post it's cold, wet & apart from a few leeks & a couple of red cabbage there isn't a lot there!

P.s I was very excited to escape watching Star Wars the other day, I was a lot more excited when I found out it was on for 2 hours & 16 minutes! The boys enjoyed it though x