Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Normal service will be resumed next week

I've got flu, proper full on I can't move flu. I'm wrapped in Winceyette pjs, Mikes dressing gown & a quilt & I'm so blinking cold & then I get too hot!  I'm looking rather delightful!! If I could get to the boiler the heating would be on too.

I will be reading your posts but my comments will be limited to when my fingers can type words without misspelling them. I think I've managed to leave three comments in the last two days & Mikes working away I hope he is home tonight Take care all speak to you sometime next week I just wanted you to know I'm not ignoring you. xx

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Next year

I get my last Rocket Garden delivery tomorrow, I'm highly unlikely to order the constant garden again. Baby plants grown in Cornwall & then posted to a chilly North Wales well they don't all prosper. The sweetcorn & butternut squash for example were planted way later than I normally would & the plants are still just inches high. Not to put anyone off as I did receive some lovely well packaged plants which were huge fun to unpack. 

I'm making tentative plans for what to grow next year, my birthday is on Friday & I have some lovely gardening books amongst my haul of goodies. I order my presents you see as Mike would pay full price for everything where as I prefer to save. I wont spoil the surprise for you until my birthday :D

Said gardening books will be perused at great length over the next couple of months & have been bought accordingly. 

On the definite list for next year are carrots in troughs.  My carrots are always hit my carrot fly & having a small veg plot means not much space spare for carrots when you have to consider covering them to keep them pest free. This year they have been a huge success. From three troughs we have had baby carrots for salads & dips, for eating in the garden & then bigger ones for roasting & boiling. 

I placed my troughs on the old frames from those plastic greenhouses, this ensured the carrots were high enough to miss the carrot fly. They really have been splendid this year so I might have to invest in more troughs.

We have a few more meals out of these two troughs left & I'm sure you make out a few weeds forming! 

So that's one definite plan for next year, are you still making your growing lists?

Take care all xx

Monday, 21 September 2015

Best laid plans

& all that. Harry's swimming day didn't go to plan, neither did my intended trip to see the duck race. There was no swimming day in the end, no firm plans were made you see & there were parents far more stricter than Mike & I. Plans have been made though to extend a little more freedom - bus trips for Harry to places much closer to home, but thank you for your thoughts the other day.

We took my mum shopping so couldn't make the duck race Harry elected to join us as nana is a nice treaty one. I was treated too - new slippers, plants, bulbs & a teapot tile

I'm curled up on the sofa today still recovering from a weekend of excess. I really am far too old for such nights. Late plans were made to meet up in our local where a band was playing. It was an exceedingly good night. Harry was at a sleepover so it was a late night - very late - Mike returned home at 2:30 am & I shock horror at 4 am!! We went onto friends after you see & they only lived round the corner.

Rob raised his eyes in horror when he learned his parents would be at said house party. I showed my age apparently as I went home first & took a rather good bottle of red. Not the done thing apparently - there was a tray of dubious green drinks with the consistency of cough medicine & bottles of beer. Robs eyes nearly disappeared over his head when I asked if I could have a drink of water, I smiled sweetly at my host as it was served in a mug so I had another too. Rob also thought it was time I should go when I asked a young man who looked like he was about to keel over if he would like a coffee & a plastic bucket.

So very much feeling my age these last two days & gladly so.  More to do with tiredness than alcohol I'd like to point out. I'm sat here with my old bat slippers on & looking sadly at my flower bulbs that need to be planted but it's bucketing down here. So heavily that even the dog wont go out.

Take care my dears I hope you are all well xx

Friday, 18 September 2015

Five on Friday

Joining in with Amy's Five on Friday - my fives for this week

1. I live in a house of males - the dog is male too. My epitaph will be Joanne Wilson - wife & mother ( hopefully great, great grandmother too) provider of clean boxer shorts, socks & food.

2. I came to this conclusion last night as they were the most asked questions this past week.

3.  I would also like to think I provide good food too. Look at these lovely carrots & potatoes picked fresh from the garden. Also cast your eyes at my gleaming sink & the tap bit bottom that you see. So new it hasn't collected that manky black deposit yet! 

4. Mike ate our dinner last night standing up in the kitchen, lord knows why there was a table a couple of meters away! The boys were out. Rob was in his usual position of keeping the bar standing upright in the local pub for his customary stop off after work. Harry was playing football with friends. We had pulled pork, salad & garlic bread. I was pondering on how my life had changed over the last 25 years. We were listening to 80's music on the radio - some of the songs I last heard whilst trying out new make-up in my childhood bedroom, this time round I was thinking if the boys had enough clean socks & should I clean the oven. Quite a change from orange lipstick don't you think?

5. I'm 42 next week I think the computer age passed me by. The pop ups on my computer asking me to upgrade to windows 10 are irritating me, there is no chance of me upgrading - Windows 8 nearly finished me off. 

There you go my fives for this week take care all xx

Thursday, 17 September 2015


Firstly thank you for your lovely comments on my kitchen & brick wall & secondly for your comments on yesterdays post regarding Harry. It's a straight forward train journey, no football match on that day thankfully as the ground is next to the station! If he's insisting on going by train & he will need to learn how to cope on public transport I might persuade Mike that we travel on the train but not in the same carriage. (to do some shopping)! God I sound like an overwhelming parent I'm really not & Harry has matured wonderfully over the last six months & now I need to stop going on about it!!
Back to the title of the post. I have a large oven, an impulse purchase by Mike a few years back thankfully we have it covered by product insurance! The only item we do have covered only because it came free with it & when that ended Mike took them up on the offer. It keeps on breaking down I'm going to have it replaced after Christmas as we have had it repaired nine times in oh about five years!

It actually broke down again a couple of months back but I neglected to call them as we were in the middle of Mike doing the kitchen & we have a little oven too + it was sort of summer so BBQ & stove top cooking sufficed. I called them five days ago or rather Mike did & yes it takes them that long to come out!

Sorry you have Mike again!
Anyway the nice engineer chap came out with the part they thought had broken this time. It wasn't, a wire had snapped off the element! 
My question is what do you do when you have a chap round, I did the normal things an offer of a drink & showed them to the kitchen, am I the only person to think they should offer a food option too?  I feel like I'm hovering & I don't like leaving them by themselves it seems a little rude to me.

Quite frankly I would of been happy if a large hole had opened & swallowed me up when he opened the oven door. Cleaning the big oven is Mikes job - oh my god it was grotty inside & there was even grease on the door & a slice of pepperoni on the bottom shelf. I could of cried with shame - it hadn't been used for about two months!
The chap fixed the oven (quickly)  & the  proceeded to take photos - of the oven not my shame!
Apparently they have to now, personally I think there is website of the worlds grubbiest ovens & the chap who fixed mine is now seriously in the running for an all expenses holiday to Barbados for two with 1st class flights thrown in!! 

Onto nicer things the lovely Jo over at Through The Keyhole is organising a rather splendid Christmas swap, do go & take a look it's called the Twelve days of Christmas swap so you send 12 individually wrapped gifts top open on those days, all the proper details are on Jo's blog post. Naturally I've signed up - quite possibly as soon as she had pressed the publish button but there we go! 

Now in the interest of exaggeration my oven itself was quite clean, the shelves looked immaculate  from the distance I was standing, it was the inside of the door that was the issue god it really was rammy!! Seriously so, perhaps it was the way the light was shining on it through the window but deep down I know the truth.
And another thing I ramble a lot, seriously I really do go on. There are some beautifully eloquent blogs out there - this isn't one of them. Fun though I'd like to think!!

Take care all xx

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Mid week chatter

I'm enjoying my week off so far, it's been a fair few years since I've been able to have a week just for me. Even the skirting boards have been dusted & I have a few days to go yet before I return to work.

I have lots of crafty projects to keep me going & the garden of course but I'm not really used to this relaxing lark so it's taking some getting used to!

We had planned to attend the Chester Duck Race on Saturday but Harry has thrown a spanner in the works shall we say.  My 13 year old soon to be 14 years old & my youngest child therefore the baby of the family if you don't include the dog has really got me thinking. He casually brought up this morning over breakfast the possibility of him catching the train with some friends to go swimming. I never had this issue with Rob who I swear was actually born an adult so this new on his way to becoming a young adult youngest child of mine - well he's causing me some issues.

Mike & I like to provide an united front if you will, all questions are considered  evaluated & answered the best we can. We never say no straight away but quite frankly this parenting lark is hard - when do you let go? Not now of course he is too young but I need to make a proper decision over this one & while privately hoping the whole train & swimming plan will be abandoned I need to have it sorted in my head. 

Incidentally its a straight forward train journey , he has a mobile phone, a bank account & a good group of friends. Unfortunately the chosen swimming baths is not close to the station to ease my mind. I immediately offered the use of Mike to take some of them but it poses two problems, only so many kids can fit in the car & I'd hate for any to feel left out. Also the issue of Harry will need to used to public transport anyway at some point. Decisions, decisions! 

Anyway I received this rather lovely parcel in the post on Monday courtesy of a lovely generous give-away from Pam who blogs over at A New Life in Wales 
It was a lovely bundle full of crafty items. The bag is stuffed full of yarn ready for a CAL I'm taking part in next week & the zipped pouch has some hooks & scissors ready in the bag too! The owl pin cushion is sat with Aesop & the other items have been stashed in my craft box ready to be put to good use. Thank you Pam it was a delight to open.
My yarn above for the Spice of Life CAL hosted by Sandra & Blacksheep Wools 
And my simple granny square blanket I'm still working on, I rather happily have another row of squares to attach! 

So there you go pondering & projects

Take care all xx

Monday, 14 September 2015


We had a nice day yesterday - one of those nice relaxing ones. The housework had been completed on Friday & Saturday which helped no end in the cause of relaxation!
The peaches looked big enough to be picked, they are smaller than the ones in the supermarket  but still a nice size. They had a little bit of give so I picked one & sampled it in the kitchen by slicing chunks off. Still a bit too hard but hopefully they will ripen off the tree, if they don't I will make a peach & blueberry cobbler. I have a tin of evaporated milk to use up & it will make a nice pudding after some soup this weekend.
Whilst pondering in the kitchen over the ripeness of said peach I noticed how the leaves are starting to turn colour
Talking of kitchen its kind of nearly complete
All wave to Mike now, the wall units need to go up, the worktops need another coat of oil, the trim needs to be added & we need to argue over tile choices but we are nearly there

Work top on the floor??? but I do have a working sink now :)
& my nice new fridge freezer which will be moved to the other side so the tall cupboard & bookcase can be put up in the alcove.

I'm keeping the brick wall Mike needs to give it a brush down & seal it as it's awfully dusty I think it sneezes during the night.

Mike wants to plaster the wall but I like it as it is Mike doesn't know yet I'm going to make some fabric & knitted animal heads for it That will pleas him no end I'm sure! 

One of the chaps who delivered the fridge/freezer asked Mike if he was going to plaster it - I shall give you the conversation

'Are you going to plaster that pal'?
'No, she wants to keep it as it is, a kind of feature she said'
'Oh right, you want to grow a pair mate & tell her it's being plastered'
'I could do yes but errr shes in the front room & is a bit of a pocket rocket so it will definitely stay as a feature now'

Right I'm off I will have to put the blinking dryer on as it's just started pouring down & I don't know where Mike has hidden the airer. Enjoy your day all x