Monday, 23 July 2012

A day in the garden.

Well I had a fabulous day in the garden yesterday. Well, apart from being scared by this everytime I turned round. Even catching the thing in the corner of my eye was enough to make me jump.

See  the small bed at the back, this was where I was transplating leeks yesterday. Everytime I turned or if it came into shot it got me.It looked like a person. The air was blue yesterday as I bellowed at Mike to move it.

The thing, is Mikes flotation suit. It was one of his christmas presents last year. When Mike & his friend go fishing their tales always used to remind me of the Chuckle Brothers , thats why I bought him the suit. Not that he caught any fish at the weekend by the way.

Anyway back to more important things, the weather here in North Wales was glorious. Instead of attempting to crochet & bake in the afternoon, I spent the entire day outside. The bottom of my back is sun burnt from bending over and weeding, sowing & harvesting.

Look at my transplanted leeks, about 32/33 planted. If they all take they will be used for ham, cheese & leek bake, cheesy leeks with Christmas lunch & leek & potato soup. I think with the quantity planted the profits at Tesco will be quite safe.

I also sowed more - florence fennel, radish, spring onion, turnips, swiss chard & spinach.  I inspected my runner beans closely yesterday. I still cant see any beans, though there are plenty of flowers. I did however harvest these - my broad beans.

I would like to point out that the bowl you see is in fact a large salad bowl. Not as a cereal bowl which is how it looked to me!

And just to say, I did not neglect my family yesterday by spending the entire day in the garden. I did cook some of these beans with a late Sunday roast last night.


  1. After all that work didn't someone offer to cook dinner for you? We had a lovely afternoon of sunshine too.

    1. Horizontal teenagers don't I find offer to cook dinner. Mike was equally busy in steptoes yard so I wasn't by myself.

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  3. I think that everyone, especially gardeners, made the most of yesterday's glorious weather. Flighty xx


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