Thursday, 26 July 2012

A surprise in the greenhouse

When Mike was emptying the greenhouse yesterday, ready for its move across the garden he found this!

Its the second time we have found what we are pretty sure is a newt. Both times they were found in the greenhouse. He also said he found a frog in the garden the other day. Happily we dont use any chemicals or sprays in the garden, apart from a few slug pellets from time to time in the greenhouse pots. Then it is only if we have badly nibbled leaves.

 I do think it is time I cracked on with my pond! Would you like to see my wildlife patch?

Hopefully Mike will be picking up the new greenhouse today, it is overcast here & looks like it may rain. The wall has been painted where the greenhouse is being placed so I am quite eager for it to be picked up.

One of the things that attracted me to Mike when we first met was his outlook on life. He is happy, generous, keen to help people & always goes out of his way to talk to people. I on the other hand am quiet and fairly reserved. He also likes a bargain & is quite happy to ask for one, I on the other hand will walk off when he does so. When he went to the skip yesterday he came back with this,

 A half whiskey barrell, I could truly imagine the conversation, as the man who was taking his barrell to the skip walked across the yard.

"all right feller"
"are you chucking that away"
"i was going to"
"do you mind if i take it, it will make her happy at home"
"no, thats fine, where do you want it"
"you just leave it there, I will sort it out. Thanks"  & so on, he also came home with more sea fishing stuff.

Yesterday evening!
Yesterday morning!



           Sorry, I can't swop them round. Enjoy your day.


  1. We are forever finding newts on the plot - often seeming to dig them up? We have frogs and toads by the bucketful too. Often one will crawl or jump out of a bed when we are weeding just to startle us. We still get plenty of slugs though

    1. Ooohhh lucky you, apart from the slugs.

  2. Treasure all the frogs, and newts, that you find. And yes get cracking on your pond!
    That half barrel is a good find, which I'm sure will be put to good use. Flighty xx

    1. I think another fruit tree will be in order for the barrel

  3. Definitely build your pond - the newts will breed in it. I regularly find a couple around my pond.

    1. I know, I really need to crack on with it.


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