Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Another day in the garden!

It is surprising what contents are found when emptying a shed. Originally Mike & I were too have a shed each. Too save this expence straight away Mike decided to move our old garden shed to the corner of the new seating area.

The shed however had to be emptied of its contents before the move could take place. I so wish I had taken a photo of Mike & two older gentlemen in their eighties, lifting, the shed on rollers so it could be moved across the garden.

Apart from Mikes fishing equipment, tools & garden impliments, the remaining items had to be sifted through too see what needed to be kept.

Golf clubs, trampoline, mountain bike, lawn mower & car jacks were amongst items given away. The trailer was filled up with rubbish & taken too the skip.

Mike has agreed to my request of a pretty colour & we will be going to look at Garden Shades for me to pick out which colours I would really like. I would like a green colour for outside & cream for inside. The manky brown shade he bought the other day has been painted on the sides against the fence.

I havn't loaded any photos yet of yesterday's adventures & Mike at present is painting the garage wall where the new greenhouse will go.

I will be taking my coffee outside shortly as I am really eager too start planting my autumn potatoes.

Enjoy your day.


  1. And I guess lots of spiders were made homeless! I have photos of fellow plot holders moving greenhouse frames (no glass). One transported a complete frame on top of his car!

    1. The new greenhouse we are getting is from next door but one, it will also be moved in one piece. I am thinking of charging the video camera to film it It comes complete with a homemade weather vane. Yes there were quite a lot of spiders who scuttled off to find a new place to live.

  2. Warm work by the sound of it, but all worthwhile once it's been done. Flighty xx

    1. It has been a very worthwhile week off Flighty.


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