Sunday, 1 July 2012

Black Currants & Rhubarb

I will be picking black currants later on today. I hope to have enough for a pot of jam or two. I shant be pruning yet as i have lost my secataurs, a shopping trip may be in order tomorrow.

I have two black currant bushes, which i hope will be enough to give me a nice harvest.

The rhubarb has grown like triffids this year. It has been a struggle to walk down the path next to the bed where they are kept.

Last year we kept them in large pots. I wanted a new bed put in for fruit & flowers.  When that was built, i transferred all the fruit out of pots and into the bed.

It was a mistake to put the rhubarb near the front & when it is dormant in the autumn, i will be moving it too the back.

I hope there are enough thick stalks to pick for a crumble, we shall see.

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