Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Broad Beans & other things

Well this rain has certainly helped to swell the broad bean pods. Hopefully this weekend we will be able to pick our first harvest.

I normally sow half a small bed worth of broad beans. We have such a small plot most items tend to be a taster if you like.

This year we went for a full 8 by 4 bed & we certainly look to reap the rewards.

My lovely other half bought two cooking apple trees for me at the weekend. They are now planted in two half barrels we bought a couple of years ago. Howgate Wonder & would you believe a dwarf Bramley. I'm so excited. To ensure successful pollination for next year i am now looking for a variety called Grenadier.

To make full use of the space, i have sown some mixed salad leaf seeds on the soil around the apple tree trunks. By the time they are through the spring onions should have swollen up nicely. With cucumbers & tomatoes on the way, combined that should be the making of a very nice salad along with the ever present radish.

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