Friday, 6 July 2012


I think its because my blackcurrant bushes are new they havnt produced the crop i expected. One was grown in a pot last year and didnt produce a harvest. The other was bought this year. Both have been planted in the new fruit bed.

Never the less the just over 250g worth i picked from both bushes needed to be treated with respect & to make something that would last a while.

I hit on the idea of Cassis a nice blackcurrant liquer that goes very nicely with fizzy wine.

I washed & dried the fruit and poured them in a kilner jar, to this i added 250ml of gin. I recently read a recipe which used some of the leaves from the blackcurrant bushes to add a subtle spicy kick. So i added four or five. The resulting mixture will be kept in the jar until stirup sunday this year. I gave up making a christmas pudding a few years ago, so i use this day for other christmas preperations such as the cake & mincemeat.

The fruity gin will need to drained from the fruit & leaves. The leaves need to be removed and the remaining fruit needs to be whizzed up in a blender. This mixture is then sieved and the liquid is added to the gin. A sugar syrup is used to sweeten the liquer.

I hope next year for a big enough harvest to make extra cassis along with some jam & enough black currants left over for apple & blackcurrant pie.

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