Sunday, 8 July 2012

Feeding the birds

I like watching the birds that land in the garden. We spend a small fortune on seed for them. At £30 a pop for a large sack of sunflower hearts, the birds that visit my feeder eat very well indeed. We bought some new feeders this morning. The one with the silver top is a bigger version of the one we have for the little black seeds the finches like.
 Can you see the green topped one at the front. It is a lot bigger in real life. There are 12 feeding holes in total and is nearly two foot in height. That should keep the birds happy for a while.
Throughout the year we use a variety of seeds. Sunflower hearts, Niger seeds & wild bird seed mix. In spring we put out meal worms & in winter we put out home made fat balls.
Why then have all the cherries disappeared from my tree? Netting is in order next year i think.


  1. They're worth every penny! I live in a flat and don't have a garden but every morning I scatter bird food across the top of two flat topped brick pillars out front. I mix porridge oats, seed mix and crushed peanuts.
    You'll have to net the cherry tree if you want any fruit! Flighty xx

    1. I dont begrudge spending the money on the birds flighty, i really dont. We even put pears & apples out for the blackbirds/thrush. Though they seem to like grapes also.

  2. Feeding the birds certainly does cost a fortune but the garden wouldn't be the same without them.

    1. It does Elaine yes, we buy in bulk but i would hate to break down the monthly cost.
      And the birds do bring a lot of entertainment.


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