Friday, 13 July 2012

Flowers for next year.

I'm a scrooge at heart. Or as the other half says 'she's a tightwad'. I'm happy to spend if the need arises but if I can save - well there we go.

I do however buy a lot of gardening magazines. With the gardening magazines come special offers. An item free if you pay p&p.

Yesterday morning the postman brought me a perennial collection. 36 teeny tiny plug plants, & they were tiny. I'm not complaining, I paid I think £4.90 but they were so tiny - they were beautiful but  no bigger than a 50p piece.

I spent a pleasant half hour in the garden last night in the rain with a gin & tonic potting up my collection. I received 6 each of the following -

Geum - Mrs Bradshaw
Delphinium - Pacific Giant
Foxglove - Excelsior
Echinacea - Primadonna
Lavender - Hidcote
Penstemon - Tubular Bells Mix

I have potted three each of the delphiniums, foxglove & penstemons up for a work colleague. The rest will be planted in the front garden when ready to do so.

I am now going to root through my magazine collection, I'm sure i saw an offer for two free dwarf butterfly bushes, I do wonder however, if I will ever find an offer for the five rose bushes I  need for the front garden. Free with p&p paid of course. Doubt it.

 Plug plants in the delivery box.

After potting up. Do you like my plant labels! he was right about the tightwad.


  1. You can't beat a good offer - love the spoon labels

    1. So do i, the plants i took into work had plastic knife labels.

  2. It means that with what you save you buy other plants, or seeds!
    Even if some of them don't survive it's still a bargain.
    Using plastic cutlery like that is a terrific idea.
    Flighty xx

    1. It is a great idea isnt it, i am going to try cutting up a milk carton into strips next.


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