Sunday, 15 July 2012

Fruit again!!

Hello, my name is Joanne & i'm a fruit tree/bush -aholic.

 Sunday shopping with other half, lucky old Mike. The purpose of  yesterday's trip was to buy thank you presents for youngest childs teachers.

We, well really I mean I had a lovely stroll round John Lewis Sunday morning. I found what I went for and in the basket they went. We had a minor disagreement over which crystal glasses we liked, I really dont know where this man of mine gets the idea that he should actually pick the design. I mean really!

The same disagreement happened upstairs when looking at fridges. Any way i digress, we were happily sat in the cafe at John Lewis where i was scoffing an apricort tart. I remarked to Mike that I may purchase an apricot tree in the future (dwarf of course as i am running out of space), when i suddenly remembered we were close by to Aldi, who currently had some fruit bushes for sale. 

Off we went & came out with a red gooseberry & a green grape.  No idea at the mo where they are to live, or the new red current that jumped into the trolly when we went to purchase a windowsill propergator at the garden centre.

I need help, really i do!


  1. Ha...all gardeners are plant and seed 'aholics', and there's always room for another plant!
    Flighty xx

    1. Yes, i can always find more space when needed.


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