Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Its raining, its pouring

The old man is not snoring as the rest of it should go, he has just made me a coffee. I'm back in work today & it is pouring down outside. In fact it has been raining all night. I do hope it rains enough to fill my new water butt.

I have had a lovely week off garden & weather wise. We have got a lot done. I have seeds sown for some flowers next year. My brassica seedlings are also looking healthy & as soon as I have pulled up the broad beans the sprouting broccoli will be planted. I hope to harvest the remaining broad beans this weekend.

My cabbage, cauli & kale are still too small so wont be planted for a couple of weeks. Note to self wait until cauliflowers seedlings are a suitable size before pricking out the ones not needed. I only have four now & I can't find the packet I opened.

I have sweet peas, I spotted them from the kitchen window but as it is so wet you will have to imagine mid pink flowers mingling with the Scarlet Empire flowers of the runner beans. It is far too wet for me to go outside and take a photo.

I harvested some spring onions last night & have sown some more, I love spring onions fresh from the garden. They are sweet & tender not tough like they are when bought from the supermarket. Also my mixed salad leaves can now be cropped I shall be attempting to sow radish, salad leaves & spring onions in the greenhouse over the winter.

Right thats me for today,  enjoy you day.


  1. Not too bad here yet but may be famous last words.

    1. Still dull here this morning, hope you do better.

  2. It was a dull, wet day here as well. You were lucky with your week off considering what it has been like.
    I've been picking sweet peas, and rather than spring onions I've been lifting the smallest of my onions, which are no bigger than golf balls to use.
    Flighty xx


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