Monday, 9 July 2012

Just How Small My Growing Space Is.

When attempting to design my blog i wanted seperate pages at the top just under the title. Like you see on many other blogs. I wanted to list the different things i grow, recipes, ideas etc.
Now the blogger template assures me the option has been added to my blog, but can i find it, no i cant.
When i first started to grow my own back in 2009 i used to google information quite a bit. The odd blog used to pop up, some very lovely blogs indeed. Not many however for small gardens.
My back garden is (approx) 31ft wide, 16ft long. Not a very big space at all. But its my space and its surprising just how much it contains.
At the very back, i have a row of autumn fruiting raspberries & a blackberry. There is space left for a small wildlife pond, which will be approx 2ft by 3ft.
The left of my plot contains the fruit/flower bed. This contains blackcurrants, red currants, white currant, gooseberry, rhubarb, strawberries & whatever flowers i have sown that year. I have honeysuckles & ivy ready to be planted to cloak the fence.
In the middle, i have the main veg beds. This space measures 16ft wide & is 8ft deep. It was built from decking boards & is surrounded by bricks, so it looks pretty.
At the right is the asparagus bed, more of a strip really. It was an afterthought when we started the veg plot & is being re built this year, new soil put in & proper asparagus crowns put in next spring.
On the far right of the veg plot, contains my orchard. Its surprising how well fruit trees grow in pots. Yes they do need more looking after, but i have two cherries & a plum. my large dustbin of horseradish also lives there.
Next to the orchard lives the green house. I have a 6ft by 4ft greenhouse & have recently been given another one. Since we started our little plot we have been offered 4 greenhouses. The two grenhouses will live side by side, giving me a 12ft by 4ft growing space. My fig tree (soon to be two) lives in the greenhouse over winter along with my peach tree. The extra space means i can buy a dwarf necterine tree also.
On the patio & at the side of the house i have blueberries, a gooseberry & two cooking apples in pots.
Next to the patio, there is a brick raised bed which will be extended next year along with what is known as steptoes yard.

Steptoes yard is being redesigned next year. It will contain a new shed for the man of the house & a small potting shed for me. There will be a seating area with anough space for flowers & an arch for roses & maybe ever so maybe i might have enough space left over for some chickens.
I forgot to add, i have a loganberry growing over an arch in the front & a tayberry in a pot looking for a space.


  1. That's about half the size of my half-plot, and you're obviously making good use of the space.
    I have two ponds on the plot, an old washing up bowl and a large plastic dustbin lid!
    Lucky you with the greenhouses as I don't have one.
    I think that people tend to make better use of smaller growing areas, so it's not really a disadvantage. Flighty xx

  2. Thank you flighty. Its surprising what we have been able to fit in, its like living in the middle of a small allotment.

  3. Hurray for tiny gardens! It forces us to be creative...or humble...


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