Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Planning For Next Years Season

With having such a small plot to work with planning in advance is essential. I like to maxamise the space as much as i can & this has not always proved succesful.

The main veg plot is 16ft by 8ft. This bed is divided into two 8ft by 4ft beds with a 8ft by 8ft bed in the middle. The fruit & flower bed is approx 10ft by 5ft. At the back of the veg bed, i have a row of autumn fruiting raspberry canes. At the side of it i have a strip which is designated for an asparagus bed. At the back of the fruit & flower bed i have a blackberry bush. There is a space designated for a small pond.

I have fruit trees in large pots, to date i have two cherries, one eating & one sour, one plum tree, a fig tree, one dwarf peach & two apple trees.

Other fruits include strawberries, which are in the fruit bed along with a white current, two red currants, two black currants, rhubarb & a red gooseberry which has produced only green fruit.

In pots under the kitchen window are two blueberry bushes & one gooseberry. By the french doors are a selection of herbs in pots.

Where the garage used to be i have a small greenhouse where we grow peppers ( sweet & hot ) & tomatoes. For the 1st time we are attempting to grown cucumber & melon.

Back to the planning for 2013 harvest. My aim is to have something to harvest every day if at all possible. To my mind it is a waste of money for me to buy cabbage & broccoli seeds. I could only fit so few of them in, it makes more sence for me to buy them as young plants.

The main seed companies provide a mixture of plants that fit my needs. Shortly i shall be placing an order for a selection of plants i can harvest from during winter/spring 2012/13. This will consist of 5 of each of the following, cauliflower, sprouting broccoli, cabbage, winter lettuce( a variety of) & some oriental veg. Along with some shallots & garlic that should keep me going until the seed catalogues for 2013 come through the letterbox.

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