Sunday, 22 July 2012

Plans for a sunny day.

Oooooh it's lovely and bright here. Washing machine is on it's first load & I am making plans for breakfast. Mike has some racket blaring on the tv & the boys are still horizontal in bed!

The front garden is in for some weeding today, the usual dock leaves & dandilions & for some reason the garden has been inundated with sow thistle. My lovely next door neighbour mows the lawn for us every couple of weeks & prunes my rose bush & the conifer thing I have in the corner. I would dearly love to get rid of the conifer thing but I am not allowed. I might get it to earn it's keep and use some of it for a wreath at Christmas.

Mike recently extended the thin strip that is at the side of the drive, ever since then bindweed has started to creep in. I shall double check the state of that today also.

In the veg garden the plans are for me to remove the straggly bits of spinach & chard. I shall pick the leaves  and use for bombay potatoes to go with tomorrows curry. After I have dug over the piece of ground I shall transplant my leeks.

I shall also be harvesting broad beans to go with today's lunch & hopefully will be doing some baking.

I do hope the weather is pleasant where you are today!


  1. I guess that we'll all be making the most of what looks like being a really pleasant day.
    I spent much of yesterday tackling bindweed on the plot, and will again's a never ending job!
    Like you I'll be having some broad beans with lunch. Flighty xx

  2. Not brightened up here yet but it sounds as though you are going to be busy! Who is championing the conifer - your family or next door.

    1. Both, Mike likes it & next door prunes the thing.


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