Saturday, 7 July 2012


The sun is shining this morning after yesterdays deluge. I think an hours weeding is in order later. I picked some raspberries yesterday afternoon, just a few that were ready. I think some little hands took the bowl after i put it down because i never got a chance to taste any.
I was always very keen to grow raspberries. With having such a small plot I decided autumn fruiting would be best. The canes are shorter and you can just cut them down in the winter. No tying up or anything like that to keep them under control.
The main variety we have are autumn bliss and very nice they are too. We went to one of the local garden centres a couple of months back & found potted yellow raspberries. Fallgold, ever since finding out about yellow raspberries i wanted a couple. Imagine my excitment when i found them.
We bought two & because they had flowers on them we left them to grow on.
Imagine now the mixed feelings i had when my lovely yellow raspberry canes went on to produce red raspberries, not a yellow one in sight.
I really dont think i have anymore space to start again.


  1. Hello, this is a good looking blog that I've bookmarked to look at later. As you probably realise I'm here from UKVG, and Twitter (where your link to here isn't quite right).
    I really like raspberries so grow lots of them on the plot, but I don't have any yellow ones and have never tried them. It's a shame that yours turned out to be red.
    Happy gardening! Flighty xx

    1. Thank you flighty. i have never tried yellow raspberries either & unless if i can find a place to put some new ones, i never will. I shall have a look at the link problem.

    2. You're welcome. Re the link just delete the '/http://' at the end and it should be okay. Flighty xx

  2. I'd have taken then back and asked for them to be exchanged.

    1. The thought was there, really it was, but we had raspberries earlier than expected even if they were red. I must get round to emailing them.


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