Saturday, 21 July 2012


My week off conincided with the kids breaking up for the summer holidays. I didn't plan that very well did I. Only joking!
Last night the youngest boy & I were watching tv. The eldest boy being in the local pub, now that he is old enough to drink, I do hope the novelty will wear off soon.
One of the youngest child's favourite programmes was back on the tv last night. Man Woman Wild, sounds interesting doesn't it! The Man is an ex navy seal, the woman his wife & the wild is the bleak situation they find themselves in & get out of by using wildlife skills.
Anyway, about 9:15 youngest child asked, "Should i make us a little buffet mum, a snack bar to eat while watching  tv ?". "If you like my sweet", i replied. This is what he came back with,

I politley declined when he asked if I would like another bottle of wine bringing in. Just out of shot is a bowl of bourbon creams, I ate the crisps, the boy ate the strawberries & the sausages.

 Bacon sandwiches are the usual breakfast in this house on Saturday mornings, as Mike had gone fishing it was only the boy's & me to cook for. Now I am setting the scene for you, me white dressing gown & mug of coffee, eldest boy still horizontal in bed, youngest boy -  pj bottoms on only & decscribing a lego piece he has, bacon sizzling under the grill. Me, upon watching youngest boy & realising the bacon had beeen sizzling for far longer than it should do, " Oh sh----------" came out of my mouth as I ran to the kitchen. Though I am pleased to report the sh actually came out as sugar, not what it would be if I was in work.

Now, after breakfast, I skipped happily around the garden in my dressing gown as the sun was out. The poor neighbour is still recovering. Any hoo, some photos I took this morning.

Blueberries, starting to ripen & a rogue poppy.

Poppies, marigolds & violas in the veg bed, look closely & you will see some runner bean flowers.
(Just to prove it is a veg bed!)

My purple sprouting broccoli seedlings are growing on nicely.

And look, the flowers on the borlotti beans are starting to open.

Enjoy your weekend.


  1. We have rogue poppies popping up everywhere. I wonder if that is where they get their name from.

    1. It's a thought, though mine do not seem as prolific as last year.

  2. My veg plot seems to contain more flowers than veg at the moment too. They self seed everywhere!

    1. Apart from the violas at the very front, the rest of the flowers were self seeded from last year. I did weed a lot out.

  3. It's been a good year for poppies, indeed most flowers...unlike vegetables! Flighty xx

    1. Yes, i have some beautiful poppies in the front garden, they seem to have self seeded from next doors poppies.


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