Tuesday, 10 July 2012


Four years ago my back garden consisted of a lawn and patio. Every so often you would see slug trails. Not many, there was nothing for them to eat.

The first year we decided to grow veg, my partner built me a raised bed. The one we call the main veg bed.
We ordered top soil to fill the beds & then i smeared vasaline around the beds to help ward off the slugs & off i went to sow & plant.
That first year we had minimal damage. The slugs have found us now & wont leave.

I refuse to use slug pellets outside. We have fields to the back of us full of wildlife. We have a lot of birds visiting the garden & have also seen hedgehogs.

When i have the wildlife pond put in i hope to attract some frogs. I would hate to kill any of the wildlife that comes into my garden. Apart from the slugs of course. We have a thrush who takes care of the snails, some of them anyway. We find piles of broken shells.

Back to the slugs, i have read that a slug can produce upto 500 eggs a year. I have also read that some slugs can live upto 5 years.

Armed with a bucket of salty water, we go on a slug hunt at night. If my partner happens to be on nights, he can be found at 2-3am with a headlamp, searching.

Over the last ten days we have found & drowned about 600 slugs. And i have small garden. Thankfully, imagine searching 1/2 an acre.

Now the sums, 600 slugs drowned x 500 possible eggs produced by each live slug. I have saved my plants from a possible 300000 slugs.

Doesn't bear thinking about does it.


  1. I don't usually have much of a problem with them but this has been really bad. Obviously it's been ideal conditions for them.
    As you say it doesn't bear thinking about.
    This is the second post that I've been reading about slugs this week. The other was Wellywoman's 'The Usual Suspects' which is well worth a look. You can find it via her blog link on my lawn loungers list.
    Flighty xx

  2. I shall have a look flighty, thank you very much.

  3. Hi, lovely blog! I was just wondering if you'd tried home-made slug traps? You put a bit of beer into a yogurt pot or similar, and sink the pot into the ground near the veg - the slugs seem to like the smell, wander in, and drown. The traps seem to work for several days, so you don't have to waste too much beer! Just a thought, for the nights you don't fancy slug-hunting...

  4. Hi, thank you. I may give that a go,


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