Friday, 6 July 2012

Sowing brassicas

In an earlier post, i wrote that i would be ordering some vegetable plants to take me through the winter/spring period. I will still be ordering the winter lettuce selection & the oriental packs, along with garlic & shallots.
My partner bought me a magazine last night & one of the free gifts were some cabbage seeds. I knew i had kale seeds & had already sown some psb seeds.I was very reluctant to compost the sprouting psb seeds which i knew i would have to do if i ordered a selection pack. With having such a small space the very max i could have of each variety would be six. 
So i bought some cauliflower seeds to complete my selection.
There was a very brief period between heavy rain showers so i nipped out. The psb was moved to bigger pots, i filled some pots with compost and have now sown cauliflower, kale & cabbage. I shall sow some more cabbage later on in the year to pick as greens next spring.


  1. What about using the unwanted seedlings as microgreens which would make you feel better

    1. I am ashamed to admit i scoffed them in the garden.


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