Sunday, 15 July 2012

Sunny outside & the front garden.

Its sunny outside today & i hope it has come to stay. A lovely rhyme to start the morning off. Pots have been watered & birds have been fed.

The front garden is looking a bit scruffy, well a lot scruffy actually but we wont dwell too much on that.

Apart from a rose bush , two rather large lavenders & a conifer thing in the corner, the rest of the garden consists of annuals, foxgloves, sweet williams & the lawn. Oh & i nearly forgot my delphinium. Forgive me please.

We also have a long strip by the driveway, which will have my free lavenders ( from my free perrenial pack ) spaced accordingly, to accomodate tulips & forget me nots in the spring & what ever bedding plants take my fancy during the summer.

I do like garden centres. You will know if you pass me in one, you will hear the screech sorry sounds of " Ohh,Ohh,Ohhh Mike that one there,  look that one, i haven't got one of them, ohhhhh look isnt it lovely" & such like. We went to the Shrewsbury flower show once & took the video camera, you can imagine upon playing the recording back,  my screeches!

The lavenders will be planted as soon as they are the size of my hand, not the size they are now, which is the size of my thumb. In fact my mixed perrenial collections looks very much like a posh mixed salad for slugs.They are kept well hidden.

Across the driveway, i have a nice raised bed, which contains my holly trees & flowers. I bought a male & female, to ensure i got berries. Indeed every year i get berries, but i can't bring myself to pick them in the winter for the house, the birds need them more than me. Next to the raised bed i have my butterfly bush & a loganberry climbing over an arch.

Well thats my front garden, next year the lawn will be circular in shape to help me accomodate a crab apple & some shrubs.  More trips to the garden centre i think.

 I shall leave you with some flowery photos. Enjoy
For the purpose of this post & indeed any other where i state i bought or buy, i didn't/dont Mike did/does!!!!


  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog - I've loved reading yours and will add you to my blog list so I can come back and keep an eye on things

  2. Your front garden sounds like it is coming along nicely

    1. The plans are there Elaine, the plans are there.


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