Thursday, 5 July 2012


Two years ago we grew some watercress in a pot. It was a great success and i have grown some again this year.  I have heard you can root a piece you get in plastic salad bags from the supermarket. Though as i did two years ago, i grew mine from seeds.

The seeds were bought from the garden centre. I filled a pot with compost and placed it in a saucer of water. The seeds were scattered over the compost and watered.

The saucer has to be filled with water everyday. In fact, on the seed packet it says to change the water everyday. This is something that i dont do. I fill the saucer each morning on my way to feed the birds.

Its simple to grow & can be treated like a cut & come again crop. In a few weeks though, i think i may sow a new pots worth.

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