Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Would you like to see my peach tree?

Nice isn't it. Well from what you can see. Its a dwarf tree so it fits into the small plot nicely.

I think there are ten peaches on it. At the moment they are the size of a large walnut. When we bought it, the poor tree was loaded with baby peaches. I snipped the majority of them off.

The tree is potted up in John Innes no 3. A couple of weeks ago i worked some fruit fertilizer into the top of the compost. From now on, once a week i am adding some seaweed solution to the watering can.

Luckily because of my greenhouse, i can move the peach tree undercover in winter & spring. So i hope to avoid the dreaded peach curl.

If my peach tree proves to be a success, i may have to invest in a dwarf nectarine version next year.

If my blueberries survive the birds, i may freeze some to use when the peaches are ready. I really want to try peach & blueberry cobbler.


  1. Lucky you! I hope that you get some good fruit from it as there's nothing better than eating a freshly picked peach. Flighty xx

    1. Thank you flighty, it is looking promising so far.

  2. A peach tree is the one fruit I haven't tried yet - will be interested to see what the harvest is like.

  3. So will i Elaine, we haven't had it long,six or eight weeks.

  4. You are brave chopping off peaches - it's something I haven't managed to bring myself to do. We ordered a nectarine last year and ended up with a peach by mistake which had about 8 winderful fruits. When I emailed the supplier asking which variety it was they apologised and said they would sen my a nectarine. We now have both and an apricot - if you use the search on my blog for nectarine or peach you can find the posts. At the moment our peach has quite a few fruits but until they nudge one another I'm leaving them all alone.

  5. I held my breath & just went for it. Funnily enough we were out shopping today & i told the other half i was considering an apricot tree, the conversation took place whilst eating an apricot tart in John Lewis.


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