Friday, 24 August 2012

A harvest.

I have managed to harvest a bowl of mixed vegetables. Look at the size of the cucumbers, they are huge. My mixed bowl also contains two fennel bulbs, turnips, courgettes & runner beans. There would have been tomatoes but as always Mike ate them in the greenhouse.

The fennel, courgettes & turnips were cut up into chunks & roasted with garlic & mixed herbs. We served the roasted veg with some salmon & the runner beans. Yum!

The cucumbers lasted for two days tops. Thankfully the bush is still producing & we will have three more to pick soon.

Also my brassica patch is really taking off. Having the netting in place straight away has really helped to protect my little plants. These are the plants that I grew from seed. I have (don't laugh) 4 cauliflowers, 4 kale, 4 cabbage ( maybe spring greens yet) & six purple sprouting broccoli.

I am really looking forward to a harvest from these next year. Enjoy your day!


  1. Re Brassicas: I'm not laughing. I have about the same - 3 x Brussels Sprouts, 6 x Cavolo Nero, 6 x PSB. It's enough.
    What type of turnips are those purple ones? They look very attractive.

    1. It is enough your right, the variety of turnip, mmmm, I know it was a Suffolk Herb packet. I shall try & locate the packet & find the name for you.

  2. It all looks and sounds great. I know plenty of people who only grow small quantities of brassicas due to need or space restrictions.
    Have a good weekend. Flighty xx

    1. Why thank you. I really am hoping for a good harvest. They do look very healthy.

  3. A good little harvest there and wonderful cukes. You have to grow the amounts you can fit into your space - those quantities are just right for you.

  4. What a nice harvest, I too have had some excellent sized cucumbers off my plants, been a great year for them.

    I love your blog and have chosen to give you the Versatile blogger award please read my post



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