Saturday, 11 August 2012

Borlotti beans & children, who would have them!

Where does the time go to. I have truly been time poor this week. I haven't been able to log onto my blog to read let alone post.

For the next few months & luckily at the right time of year I think for me growing my own, spare time will be a rare occcasion for me. I am about to embark on two employment law courses for work. I am looking forward to this but am eager to get it over & done with so it will need extra study. As long as I get my stroll around the garden in the evening calmness I'm sure will return.

My two troughs of borlotti beans have really impressed me. The plants are loaded with beans. I am going to grow these again next year along with some other pots of the flat variety of french beans.

 I have been trying too trace an odd smell for the past few days. It appears as you reach the top of the stairs. At first I thought someone had spilt milk & hadn't cleaned it up properly. I have hunted high & low & was pretty sure the smell had been traced to the young boys room. Over breakfast this morning I mentioned to the boy that I was going to strip his bed & polish his furniture. A normal weekend activity.

I could see him pondering  & didn't think anything of it. A few minutes later he came to me & I quote the following.
'Mmmm a few days I was helping clean the chicken hut next door. Amy gave me an egg for helping & I put it in my pocket. I forgot it smashed but I have hidden my trousers under a towel in the corner of my bedroom'

Needless to say my washing machine is at present on one of the hottest washes it has ever had on in its life.

Enjoy your day. I will try to catch up on all of your blogs. Which will be tonight over a gin & tonic or three.


  1. You should try the climbing version of Borlotti. Twice as many beans for the same "floor-space".

  2. I always grow borlotti beans.
    The story about your son and the egg made me smile, and I'm sure that we all have similar tales we could relate. Flighty xx

    1. I am going to grow them again next year. I have been picking eggshell out of the washing machine for a couple of days now.


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