Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Brassicas planted at last!

With the broad bean patch cleared & rotavated the bare patch kept on glaring at me each time I walked through to the back garden.

I knew I had to make a move & plant my brassica seedlings. Not that you could really call them seedlings, they had turned into nice healthy plants. The purple sprouting broccoli was however starting to show a yellow tinge so I knew I had to get a move on.

I had 6 purple sprouting broccoli, 8 cabbage ( 4 for spring greens & 4 for hearted cabbages), 5 cauliflowers & 7 kale.

Now I know they are planted far too close together. When planning a few months back I wanted them in the larger middle bed. However I didn't plan enough. The crops in that bed are no where near ready. In this 8ft by 4ft bed starting at the back I have two rows of psb containing 3 plants each. In the middle of the rows I have 4 kale planted. Then I have 4 cauliflowers & at the front 4 cabbages for spring greens.

The kale will be harvested first so I hope that will give me enough space for the psb to flourish. The spring greens will be the 2nd crop to be harvested, which will then give the cauliflowers chance to spread a bit. Well thats the plan anyway.

Also because we seem to have a huge pigeon population courtesy of the local woods, the nets went up straight away. It gives, what I like to call a rustic touch.

Due to space restrictions I have a few left over plants. The cauli will be going into a tub by itself. The kale & cabbages will be put into larger tubs. This I hope will help to increase any future crop I may have.


  1. Hope that net keeps out the cabbage whites too as we have lots about at the moment


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