Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Wet, windy & a harvest.

Blimey like the rest of the country we have been affected by the weather lately. We have been surrounded by floods. Not affecting us or rather the house or by the quick look of it other peoples houses. However the firemen have been out in force.

On the short walk to school yesterday I passed three fire engines. They were pumping water out of the drains into the fields. Now I don't walk to the school gate. Oh no, I'm not allowed as my nearly 11 year old tells me, no I have to wait on the corner by the school gate.

We walked home yesterday afternoon & a gleefull nearly 11 year old & friends were jumping in puddles, talking to the firemen & getting wet. The boy raced home & changed out of his uniform &  raced outside to meet his friends & to get more wet!

Now seeing as I was alone in the house I thought a stroll round the garden would be in order, I peered over the garden fence & saw this
 It is one of the hoses the firemen were using to transfer the excess water to the surrouning fields. We are now saturated.

I had to make myself useful so I picked all of my borlotti beans,
& some purple peppers, courgettes & kale.

 A lovely minestrone they made too! Enjoy your day.


  1. We're certainly making up for last summer aren't we?

  2. my water-butt is full again all of a sudden, and I've never been so glad that we don't live near a river!

    1. My water-butt is overflowing. We do have a river close by & judging by the overflowing drains we had yesterday there were a few lakes also.

  3. It's just been wet and windy here, but nowhere near as bad as there.
    Lucky you, I've nothing left to harvest on the plot except maybe some blackberries. Flighty xx

    1. I'm hoping to get out in the garden on Sunday afternoon for a good clear out, it is drying nicely now.


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