Thursday, 22 November 2012

Thinking of trees.

Now that I have sorted out the vegetable patch for next year my attention is turning to trees. I need more fruit trees.

If I ask the under gardener nicely to build me some sort of contraption, I would have the space for some cordons. Nothing too elaborate you understand, but needs must. Also this gardening lark is quite addictive.

Another cooker & two eating apples would suffice along with a couple of pear trees. With so many varieties out there, it is really quite hard to make a final choice. Also with me having quite a daydreaming nature, the name is important. With having a Bramley & Howgate Wonder in place, consideration needs to be given to the pollination. If the trees aren't compatible, there will be no apples.

For instance my Bramley apple tree & Howgate Wonder are in the same pollination band, for successful pollination the bands need to be either side or the same. However the other problem is that the Bramley is a self sterile triploid. This means it cannot polinate the Howgate Wonder or indeed any other apple tree. So if I don't get a wriggle on, I wont be harvesting any apples next year.

With my romantic tendancies & the pollination to think of about I'm sure you can imagine how hard it is for me.

Annie Elizabeth
Dr Harvey
Peasgood Nonsuch
Winter Banana
Golden Delicious
Court of Wick
Claygate Pearmain

Packhams Triumph
Conference- The amount Mike eats of this variety makes it a must.
Josephine de Malines

Oh what to choose. Enjoy your day!


  1. We think one of our surviving cordon apples is Peasgood Nonsuch and it is a good apple, The cordon survived being chopped to the ground and then quietly grew behind the greenhouse unnoticed. It's now producing apples again but more as a free range cordon.

    1. Oh goody, that does make it a more likely contender for getting picked.

  2. I'd like to have a couple of cordon fruit trees on the plot but can never decide on what varieties. One day...! Flighty xx

    1. The more I look, the more I find, I think I shall have to put the eating apple varieties into a hat for my final two.

  3. My expertise in growing fruit is very much overshadowed by my experience in eating it! I am with Mike on the Conference pears issue though - they are my favourite.

    1. I have quite a collection of fruit trees & bushes now, though my pruning leaves a lot to be desired. I also prefer Conference pears, though mine have to be hard not soft.

  4. I bought a couple of apple trees this year, Gloster and Golden Delicious, and also a plum tree, Czar. I'm growing all mine in containers. They're only young trees so I don't know if they'll fruit next year, but I'm really looking forward to trying them all.

    1. Gloster? I haven't seen that variety, I shall have a google. I have two cherries, two cookers & a plum tree in large tubs. I have a bit of space left for some cordons in the ground.


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