Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Its a bit dull.

Morning. Not that it looks like morning outside. Very dull & dreary outside. Its pouring down now what joy.
Last nights stroll around the plot found no major problems. There were no new gooseberry sawfly catterpillers on the red/white current bushes. Funny how they missed both gooseberry bushes.

Hello, I'm new.

Well, hello to anyone who may read this in the future. My very own blog all for me. It is mainly based on my garden plot, hense the title, awholeplotoflove. A whole plot you may ask. Thats easy to answer. Its my plot, not to share with the other half. Indeed no, not at all, its mine all mine. He may if required help with any heavy stuff. New raised bed edging, a potting shed for me & the chicken house when i buy one comes to mind. But to share with him, goodness me no, he weeded one of the raspberry canes out thinking it was a weed & threw some delphinium seedlings on the compost. So no my plot is not for sharing.
I have a nice veg & fruit plot in the back garden. As we only have a small garden it takes up a large part of it, all of it really but thats ok, really it is. Flowers in the front & as many as i can fit in round the back.
I am also attempting some crafty stuff, indeed i have a cath kidston crochet kit & patchwork bag to make yet, presents at christmas 2011. I will get round to them one day i really will.
I also like to bake and make jam, pickles etc, so no doubt i will be very pleased to bore anyone with my efforts should this blog attract any readres in the future.
Well thats it for now, i am off to see if i can pretty up this blog.