Saturday, 13 October 2012

Buy one - get one free

Now my efforts in the garden are very hit & miss. I am certainly no expert in what I attempt. I have a more gung ho attitude if you like.

A few months back I bought a red gooseberry plant. Down to my lax gardening efforts, it is still in its pot. It was semi trained when I bought it but really I wanted to train it as a cordon. The bush had a short stem & then it broke into two long stalks. I snipped one of the stalks, pulled off some of the lower leaves & stuck the stalk back in the pot next to its sibling.

I really wasn't expecting much, I truly thought I would end up with a withered stick. I had given the pot a glance as I walked past it over the past couple of months but nothing more. I had a closer look though a couple of days ago. This being an attempt to tidy up some of the garden you understand & was pleasantly surprised to see I had two plants.
Enjoy your day!

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Filling up the freezer.

As I was preparing yesterdays evening meal, which was Chicken Korma if anyone is interested. I cast a glance at the bags of produce I had harvested at the weekend. Well to be truthful Mike had picked the stuff & typically  left it in the kitchen.

Now, I would have been more than happy to leave it there if it hadn't of been perishable, I'm sure the man thinks we have a preparing food for the freezer fairy, but what is the point of growing your own if you are going to leave it to go mouldy.

Aubergines, yellow courgettes & chilli peppers. The aubergines & courgettes have been cut into chunks & now live in the freezer until I can find the time to plan meals around them. In all fairness I do have plans for them. The courgetteswill be roasted in garlic oil & served as a side dish. The aubergines I suspect will be turned into a dip I found on with some homemade flat bread that should do for a tv dinner one satutrday evening.The chilli peppers will be turned into sauce & oil, that's if Mike stops giving them all away.

Autumn is well & truly on us in not at all sunny North Wales. The garden is dying back but there are still some surprises to be found.

The cosmos seems to never end, it keeps on going on & on & on. I though the gladiloli had finished but then this yellow one popped up. A lovely surprise!

Enjoy you day!

Sunday, 7 October 2012


I have just made the most divine soup. It tastes glorious. I normally make a pot of soup on a Sunday. Depending when we have our main meal, which tends to be a roast on Sunday (obviously) we will have soup for a light meal & with toasted sandwhiches on Monday evening.

Last week in my wisdom or lack of I decided to invite the boys friends whom he was playing with to Sunday lunch. At the end of the meal there was half a bowl of vegetables left over. A mixture of carrots, broccoli & runner beans. Instead of sending them to the food recycling bin, I tipped them into a bag & stuck them in the freezer.

Now I am known for shoving things in the freezer & not finding them until months later. So I was out to prove people wrong. The magi-mix was dragged out of the cupbourd ( quicker than chopping things by hand) & I whizzed up an onion, a couple of sticks of celery & two cloves of garlic. Fried slowly with some mixed herbs, salt, pepper & some chilli flakes. I added red lentils & couple of stock cubes & some water. I then added my frozen mixed veg from the freezer.

Now the colour worried me, it does resemble sludge but it tastes wonderful. Very creamy. As I still can't locate the cable for downloading photographs I'm sure you wont be disappointed by my lack of evidence. I shall leave you on this nice sunny October with some past photographs, just to brighten the page you understand. Enjoy you week!!

Amazing what you find when scrolling through past photographs, I need to locate this lovely dress I'm wearing, I forgot I had it. Bad photo I know, I'm sat at my office desk, I tend to hit the wrong button when scrolling through photo's on my phone. I have lots of obscure ones!
I am so missing picking fresh cucumbers!!
This photo reminded me that we have to harvest this horseradish. Yummy yum yum home made horseradish sauce!!       

Friday, 5 October 2012

As time goes by!

Another unexpected break from blogging. I have lost the cable to transfer photographs to my laptop. I must have a good search later.

I desperately need to get out in the garden. There is weeding to be done & bulbs to plant. I have raspberries to harvest. The yield from the canes this year has been unbelievable. I have one apple left to harvest.

I have noticed lots & lots of recipes for spiced apple cake/bread lately. This is where my solitary bramley apple will be going into on Sunday afternoon.

I am hoping to get my rhubarb plants moved over the next couple of weeks. They are dying back nicely. They grew like triffids this year & to be honest its nice to see the space I will gain. More dahlias next year me thinks.

My poorly peach tree. Such a disappointment this year. It has grown well & there are a few nice sized fruits on it. Exept the blinking weather we have had. I'm sure if we had a bit more sun I would have had a taste this year. Rock hard they are, still on the tree.

Also my peppers are still green, I'm going to pick them & slice & freeze. I shall use them in fajitas, I cant use green peppers to dip into hummus. Ewwww.
Look at my marrow, its huge now as this photo was taken a couple of weeks ago. Dont know what i'm going to do with it. I dont fancy cooking it, I might make Mike eat it, if that doesn't put him off growing another next year I dont know what will.

Enjoy your week end all, I'm going to be doing what all respectable 39 year old ladies should be doing on Friday evenings. A G&T or two, knitting & some seed catalogues.