Monday, 14 January 2013


There were plenty of bulbs of all description on offer at the garden centre yesterday. After selecting my seed potatoes I very nearly bought a bag of mixed dahlias.

 I was very well behaved & put them back. I'm trying to stop buying on impulse. I will be buying some tubers over the next few weeks but I want to have a good look at the selection & not be swayed by a bag with pretty colours.

I did bring up the possibility of growing some small onions to pickle. I told Mike that I was sure you could buy seeds so we both went off in different directions. When we met up I had a packet of seeds & Mike had found a bag of shallots.

I already have french shallot (fancy long ones)  in the garden & red onions, both were planted last autumn along with the garlic. I wasn't keen on growing more shallots due to space restrictions. However the picture on the packet looked like the shape of pickled onion I wanted. We bought both packets in the end, I prefer a small pickled onion & Mike likes a more traditional one.

The seeds will be sown in the garden & the shallots will be planted in some tubs. I may try some in long troughs & I will plant some by themselves in smaller tubs. Hopefully the bulbs will be able to multiply.

Hope you are all coping with the weather. No snow by me in fact after this mornings rain it is lovely & sunny outside. Take care & enjoy your day!


  1. We've had snow but it isn't hanging around.

    1. Very rarely snows here, the weather forcast for Friday looks promising,

  2. I usually do well with onions growing enough from sets to last almost year round.
    It snowed here today but didn't settle. Flighty xx

    1. I'm hoping my crop of red onions will see me through the summer.


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