Friday, 1 February 2013


February all ready how fab! Nearly proper seed sowing time. I can't wait.

I have updated my complete seeds in the tab at the top of my blog (Veg Garden 2013). You are more than welcome to read the list & laugh.

According to my ye old Practical Gardening book the weather for February is likely to be wet. Really! Trust the good old british weather to be sunny today!

Practical Gardening (printed well I don't know, but around WW2 I think judging by the chapter on turning your garden into a wartime one.)


Weather - Wet
Work - Prepare ground for March seed sowing. Get ahead with sowings under glass, begin to use spring fertilizers & my favourite - Keep soot swept from domestic chimneys, it darkens, and so warms the soil, it destroys pests & it possesses a little food value.
Food plots - Clean with hoe plots left vacant through the winter. Plant artichokes, shallots, and if liked garlic. Sow broad beans if sown in autumn.
Fruit garden -Finish pruning orchard fruits. Prune gooseberries, red & white currants.
Flower patch - Lift & replace herbaceous plants, do not divide the roots of slightly tender subjects unless the weather is mild & open. Sow sweet peas under cloches.
General maintenance - Roll & sweep lawns as sson as weather allows. prune late flowering shrubs.
Under glass - Sow carrots, lettuce & radish on hotbeds. Raise seedlings of flowers, leeks,cucumbers, aubergines, onions & tomatoes. Start dormant tubers off all kinds.

I shall be attempting some of the above on Sunday. I'm off to do some baking. Enjoy your weekend all!


  1. That's way more than I would ever grow on my plot, are you sure that you've got enough! Anyway good luck, and let's hope that we all have a good season.
    Plenty of rain here again this morning so the only thing I'll be doing at the weekend is yet more armchair gardening.
    Thanks, and you too. Flighty xx

    1. A tad ambitious I know, there will only be a limited amount of most of them though. Armchair gardening is a fantastic pastime flighty enjoy.xx

  2. I know the problem with over-indulgence in seed-buying! If you looked at my seed-box you'd think my garden was about 2 acres in size...
    I'm resisting the temptation to sow too early, but I can't help joining you in wishing for some suitable seed-sowing weather.

  3. Not much chance of us working soil or hoeing just yet - still very soggy

  4. That;s a great list maybe I will take a few of your points on if I can just pluck up the enthusiasm to visit the allotment!!


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