Saturday, 16 March 2013

A new bay tree

After clearing out my dads conservatory the other week I was able to take away the spoils. I now have lots of new tubs for growing tomatoes, chillies, sweet peppers & aubergines. These will be kept in the greenhouse.

The nicest pot however is one I have been after for a while. Many many years ago my dad bought this terracotta pot. It used to live in the back garden & contained a fuchia. Over time the fuchia died & the pot remained empty.

Not long after I started my veg patch my dad was inspired to grow a few things of his own. The terracotta pot became his cucumber pot. It lived in his conservatory & one plant would produce over 50 cucumbers.

Now due to his blindness he has given up on veg growing & I shall be keeping him supplied with tomatoes & runner beans. I have finally been given his terracotta pot.

I wanted something special to plant in it. Something long lasting. On a peruse around the local garden centre Mike spotted the bay trees. We bought a smaller specimen with a view to training it somehow.

The paving slabs will be moved shortly & more slate chippings will be purchased. I shall be placing the pot right in the centre.

Enjoy your day


  1. I think a bay tree is perfect for your special pot. Be careful in the frosts though, terracotts tends to crack so make sure you insulate it well.

    1. Bubble wrapped inside. I hope it will be ok, it is about 25 years old.

  2. A lovely big pot perfect for a bay tree.

  3. Will you train it or will you let it do it's own thing?

  4. It should look good when it's all done. Flighty xx

  5. It's a lovely pot, I can see why you would want it! Plus its got sentimental value too. Hope they bay likes its new home!


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