Sunday, 14 April 2013

The first harvest of 2013.

Mike is working today, his first Sunday in absolute yonks. I have the week booked off from work, National gardening week by pure coincidence. Naturally I have lots of plans to spend in the garden.

The highest on my list of things to do is planting my seed potatoes. Which have sprouted very well. With the weather we have had this year, I seem to be playing catch up.

As Mike isn't here today to act as my assistant he emptied the tubs I used last year for potatoes last night,

Yes, I know they should have been emptied & cleaned last year, but the autumn sown potatoes caught blight & as they were in an out of sight part of they garden they were sort of left.

Mike set up the wheel barrow & his old garden riddle, he dug his spade into the 1st box & found potatoes! Very nice potatoes too. They were a nice size & no damage. After emptying the 4 boxes, this is what we had -
Three of the boxes contained potatoes & we have enough for a few meals. One of the meals will be this evening on Mikes return - gammon, PSB (out of the garden) & some of these potatoes.

It has certainly encouraged me to have another go at autumn sown potatoes later on this year. Though they will be grown under cover once the greenhouse crops have finished.

Another bonus is the compost from the pots has been put on the garden & a lovely dark colour it is too. I do hope you are not too jealous.

Enjoy your day!


  1. What a lovely unexpected treat! I've also got to pot up my chitted potatoes and start sowing; wiith warmer weather arounf the corner, it looks like we're all going to be very busy!

  2. Gammon with home-grown spuds and PSB sounds very nice indeed. What about a Parsley Sauce made with home-grown Parsley (assuming you have some...)?
    All my spuds are in their tubs now, with the exception of the Pink Fir Apple, which still shows no signs at all of chitting. Hope you have an enjoyable week gardening - and that the weather behaves it self!

  3. Very impressed that your spuds survived the winter unscathed. My chitted spuds are about ready to be planted out - if the weather holds out for another day or two I should have that ticked off my list shortly.

  4. Lucky you with potatoes and compost. How can I not be just a tiny bit envious!
    Everyone is playing catch up this as everything is at least a month adrift thanks to the coldest March for fifty years.
    Have a good week, Flighty xx

  5. I still have potatoes in the ground...I'm not expecting much from it when I dig the ground...but now I have a little inkling of hope. These look great!


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