Friday, 31 May 2013

Being positive

At the time of writing this post it has been raining pretty much none stop for three days. The sun has cheekily appeared through the clouds but has always swiftly hidden itself again.

Whatever the weather though I will always make my way to the garden after work. It is wonderful how just being in my little plot can un-stress me.

Yes, it is very wet & the weeds are sprouting up like nobody's business. It is also looking very green & lush.
See this is the view from my greenhouse as the sun briefly appeared yesterday morning. I wont bore you with moans of gooseberry sawfly munching its way through my gooseberries & red/white currants. I shall save that for another post. No I shall just briefly tell you how the rain has helped my mixed flower border grow, how I don't have to water my seedlings, the potatoes are growing without any intervention, raspberry canes are growing taller & the rhubarb has again spilled out over the plot. Before I forget the water-butts are also filling up nicely just in case we do have a summer. Enjoy your day


  1. That's a good attitude to take, Jo. If only some of my students would do the same! We just have to make the best of what we have, don't we?
    your garden looks wierdly similar to mine in some respects - especially in that it is currently so full. I just wish I had a greenhouse in which to work on those all-too-frequent rainy days.

  2. Much as rain is always needed it often seems to be a mixed blessing for gardeners - too much or too little and invariably at the wrong time.
    I've not been plotting since Monday but with better weather will today and over the weekend. Flighty xx

  3. Our perennials are looking really lush in the garden. I think being outside with plants and birdsong is a great relaxant - pity we can't bottle it. I'm never happy in large towns and cities with traffic whizzing by and acres of tarmac and concrete.

  4. You have a lovely view from your greenhouse. Hope you get some sunny weather. We've had a few great days in Northern Ireland, although today a bit overcast. (The garden looks good in any weather).

  5. I think enjoying and being thankful for what ever the weather throws at you is the best plan - that way you are rarely disappointed!

  6. Oh I suppose rain is good for something, but one really gets tired of being wet. It is a wonder we don't have dorsal fins and web feet.

  7. I guess it isn't always doom and gloom in the rain!


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