Monday, 14 October 2013


Morning all, a more positive spin on things this time round. Now the main gardening season is now tailing off I focus my attention else where. Being part of a close family, we tend to spend important dates together. The next one on the card apart from birthdays is Christmas.

My sister & I love planning for Christmas & we tend to start in October. For the first time ever she is hosting Christmas day. This honour tends to get left to me apart from a disastrous Christmas day last year, when, my brother who is single, no children & lives alone decided he would like to give it a go.

Picture the scene now, a bachelors house at Christmas, no decorations, no tree, a fridge full of beer & a 'I thought you would be cooking here' reply from him when I asked why the veg hadn't been put on. Just as well my sister & I had sorted out who would be supplying what before hand. Just to make it easier on this single boy, I was supplying the turkey & ham, my sister the puddings & my mum the wine. Lets just say frozen roast potatoes & parsnips were a great help.

 These are my trees above, affectionately known as big tree (it really is huge) & little tree. I compulsive buy more tree decorations each year & it is a vice that I will not be giving up. Imagine my delight & Mikes groan when last Christmas I spotted an upside down tree that fixes to the ceiling. I haven't got one yet but it really is a matter of time. I have just the spot for it, on the hall ceiling, & of course the boys have a tree each for their bedrooms.

The images above are paper wall decorations from the dotcomgiftshop christmas range & will be ordered as they truly are me & just gives you some idea of my style of Christmas decorating.

I always thought Christmas would be more lovely when the kids were little & the promise of a visit from Father Christmas was in the air. It always slightly saddened me as the boys aged each year that maybe the magic would wane as they lost interest. This I'm glad to say hasn't been the case & both boys at the age of 19 & 12 look forward with glee from November onward each year. The visits to see Father Christmas have stopped but the mince pie, sherry,carrots & porridge for the reindeer are put out without fail each Christmas Eve. Santa tracker is put on the laptop in the evening & each of the boys look at it, although now Rob will look at it when he returns from the pub with Mike before both attacking the turkey to make a sandwich.  
The boys still open their Christmas stockings on mine & Mikes bed. There is still a mad scramble to get to the top of the stairs first before Mike leads the way downstairs, & he is always the first one in the sitting room to check if Father Christmas has been.

Traditions are made & dropped each year as our lives evolve, instead of the Christmas Eve crib service hopefully we will be attending midnight mass instead, though in reality Mike will be dropping me off at the Church & picking me up afterwards. I really look forward to Robs return from uni at Christmas & love to see him wondering round the house seeing what decorations are new & eating mince pies. The traditions that have stuck from the past few years are -

The men tend to go to the pub for a drink on Christmas day before lunch, the year we all went lunch was served very late that day.

Mike tends to cook on Christmas day, I say cook but really everything is prepared in advance & Mike just prods things & makes the gravy.

Whoever is hosting Christmas also hosts the great present swap. This spectacular event involves us opening gifts to each other which ends up in a big scramble. Prosecco is served at the scramble along with sausage & bacon rolls.

As my sister & I have planned the day we tend to put out feet up, especially as the kids are older now.

Baileys & chocolates in the afternoon are a must, if we were allowed to get away with a bottle of each flavour we would. , but we are not.

I am happy to consume my own body weight in Snowballs during the entire month of December.

I would really love to watch the Queens speech in the afternoon, I have never got to watch it yet as people tend to whinge.

Anyway basically we like Christmas, we spend it together & it takes an age to plan. The kids getting older hasn't in anyway ruined it for my sister & I. Also because this is mainly a gardening blog the parsnips will be supplied from my very own veg garden, sown by my very own hands.


  1. Well you certainly have a lot of plans at Christmas and seem to be well organised. I don't like to even think about the event before December so I will now erase this post from my mind until a later However you have got me intrigued by that 'upside down' tree!!

  2. I was hoping for home grown spuds with Christmas dinner, but I don't think it's going to happen, I think they've rotted before they've even got going. I love Christmas, it's my favourite occasion, but I don't like to think about it quite just yet, plenty of time for that in December.

  3. Christmas is a very special time during the year for family and friends. It is a beautiful time of year.


  4. Sounds just as it should be, family fun, a glass in your hand xxxx have fun planning, my hubby would leave home if I started this early.

  5. It's far too early to mention Christmas! Anyway since you have it's a nice post. Flighty xx

  6. Thats the fun of Christmas all the planning! But even for me this is a bit too early, I have started thinking about starting to buy some presents though. I'm like you and like to get some new decoration each year and for exactly that reason love decorating ther tree and discovering all my previous decorations and the memories they invoke.

  7. I'm feeling festive now... I thought I was feeling festive last Saturday, but it turned out that I just fancied a Baileys.

    I fully approve of your appreciation of trees and decorations. We haven't even moved into our home yet (it is still being built) and I already know where the tree will go. I haven't a clue about the kitchen plan, or anything else useful... but the position of the fairy lights socket was decided last January.


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