Thursday, 28 November 2013

Impracticable gardener

That's me down to a tee, why only this morning I was googling the possibility of growing an avocado tree in the greenhouse. I was perusing pinterest you see & adding various gardening dreams to my garden board & there I spied a dwarf avocado tree. With having such a small plot & being rather short myself the word 'dwarf' appeals very much to me, particularly when it is followed by a tree variety.

Anyway you can't get dwarf ones in this country plus chilly North Wales is really not the place to attempt such things. Also not being a huge lover of guacamole (never tried the stuff, it looks vile) I do however like the odd couple of slices on a bagel with bacon & mayonnaise.  It isn't going to happen so it is more the case of impracticable dreams than impracticable events it would seem.

On to more practicable items, planning for next year. I will have more time to deal with the garden next year & I hope to have a rather lovely one to show off to you all. I am growing for the first time because I like to do something new & it definitely wont be avocado - Collard Greens  from Moreveg

Collard Vates Seeds

They look and sound rather fun I think I am only growing a few things from seed next year, to help with the time issue I am seriously thinking of going down the buying baby plants route. 

Also we will be doing less potatoes & less things in pots I think, not doing salad leaves next year at all unless they are on the windowsill. Mine always seem to be infected by leaf miner so whole lettuce it will be. 

The lovely Mike had a birthday yesterday & amongst his presents he received I had bought him this book - The complete chili pepper book

Not a good picture I know but it is a good book & a good choice particularly as Mike isn't a reader where as I am. It is more American based than British (or Welsh if you are Mike). He rather liked it as he is getting more interested in the garden particularly in growing chillies. Time will tell if his interest is a good thing, I still haven't let him forget about weeding the parsnips. The actual parsnips were weeded out, not the non existing weeds around them!!

I am also treating him to a Christmas shopping trip to Chester tomorrow, sorry should translate as lunch at  
 Hickorys, the man is need of some meat, personally I can take it or leave it at the moment but it will keep him happy & if he behaves himself whilst I am Christmas shopping I might just might treat him to a bottle of whisky. Mike being a single malt man still hasn't got over the shock of my mother & sister appearing at different times on the doorstep several birthdays back. Each of them bearing a bottle of whatever was on offer at the supermarket at that time. Te he, it still makes me giggle every time I think of it. 

Enjoy your day

Monday, 25 November 2013

I'm back I think

My laptop went kaput a few weeks back which explains my missing posts and comments. Luckily as it was my company laptop I have been given a nice spangley new one to replace it. Which is very nice of course but they have provided me with the latest model. My technical limitations are well known in the office & I am sure this proper posh laptop with a touch screen was purchased for someone else. I am battling through but as yet I am unable to transfer photo's off my old laptop onto this nice new one. So you will have to bare with me on the photo front for a while.

In my absence from blogging I have been trying to tame the garden & I am getting there slowly. A few weeks back I managed to salvage when cutting back some coriander which had gone to seed. Really I should have put the bunch into a paper bag to dry. Truth be told I left it in a mixing bowl & placed it to one side in the dining room. I kept on stealing a look every time I passed by but time ran away with me.

So yesterday with a few minutes to spare I set about trying to remove the berries. A thankless task I tell you, they looked nice & brown like the ones in the spice aisle, stubborn little things though, it took me ages. My mood was not improved further when I caught a nettle that must have been cut with the bunch. After my labour I was impressed by my nearly full jar of coriander seeds. Definitely going to do the same next year & am also going to try cumin seeds too, we love a curry here so they will come in very useful. It will also make a nice talking point & I think I may try some fenugreek too.

Have a nice day