Thursday, 9 January 2014

Making a start

The lovely Mike is off for a week & a bit, which considering he has two weeks off for Christmas each year is a bit much really. He has worked a total of three days since his Christmas break. He let slip the other day while on the phone to the insurance company who were trying to arrange for Mikes car to be picked up after the mishap at the hospital prior to Christmas.

The reason for his nearly a week off was his five day break which he gets every so often plus he has three days holiday left & thought he would lump it all together. I'm sure I'm in the wrong job.

Naturally he is well rested after his time off at Christmas & I do have lots of messy jobs that need doing in the garden.

Today he has been taking down the little greenhouse so he can make a start to prepare the base for my chicken run. I am so excited, I mean I have had to wait about six years after all.

The run I want is about £700 & as I'm a bit of a scrooge & I wouldn't pay that much & Mike is very good at things like that he is building me one. Lucky me. I have looked at so many chicken houses & while I would love a wooden one to paint a pretty colour, I know I wont be happy unless it is a plastic one. More for ease of cleaning mind & they dry quicker in the winter. Also, because I have a small garden the run will be fixed on a base of hardwood chippings. I just need to find a local supplier.

I cant decide on the Eglu Go or the Eglu Classic, apart from the shape I don't think there is a lot of difference. They are both said to be suitable for three medium sized birds which is the amount I want. Eglu go is my current choice as they have a new one in purple. I have a couple of months to decide as I don't want the chickens to arrive in the colder months, I'm thinking the end of April beginning on May. The weather may be a little more convenient by then!
The slide out dropping tray makes cleaning simple

Another job on the agenda unknown to Mike is I want the front garden digging over ready for my edible hedge delivery. Unlucky Mike.

Enjoy your day


  1. Look so interesting. I have never seen that sold here my I guess, if I use it my chicken won't be damaging my garden anymore.

  2. Best to keep them busy!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. It looks wonderful, lucky you, I've very envious!

  4. The Glo looks a bit more spacious for the chickens - maybe it's the shape?

  5. We have an Eglu Classic (we use it for new or poorly birds in conjunction with our large henhouse) and it's brilliant for cleaning and so easy to look after. Are you having a larger wire run that you will be able to get into with the birds or simply having the Eglu and run as it is, if so it is hard to get your girls used to being handled.

    Whichever it is totally exciting that you are AT LAST getting some chickens, I know how long you have waited for this. I'm looking forward to following your progress with them :-)

    1. Oh I must just add that if I was getting another Eglu it would be the Cube. So much better in every way and scope for a couple more birds or to hatch a couple of your own!!

  6. I find chickens fascinating so look forward to your posts all about yours, when you get them. Flighty xx

  7. It is exciting that your chickens will be arriving in the spring. I don't know anything about the Eglu so I look forward to seeing how you get on with it.

  8. It's great to hear that things are moving ahead!

  9. How exciting to be planning for chickens in the spring! My niece kept a flock of 3 as pets for her daughters, with the bonus of lots of healthy eggs! She had an eglu which was brilliant for cleaning - it was put at the top of a ramp in a wood and wire henhouse built by my brother in law; much needed protection as they live in the countryside!

  10. I've heard lots of good things about the eglu range of coops. Particularly is Mike is going to build you a good sized run to sit your coop in, you'll be sorted!


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