Sunday, 29 June 2014

Appreciating the little things

I'm a very gentle soul at heart I think, Mike quite often smirks when I say this but I am really, in fact there is normally a huge guffaw from Mike but there we go! I actually have two persona's the work one where I need to be in charge & quite fierce & the nicer one when I am at home. Unfortunately for Mike depending on that day I have at work it might take up to an hour for the gentle home side of me to come out, hence the guffaw!

I enjoy gentle pastimes, I like knitting & crochet, I have started cross stitch & embroidery & sewing again, & of course I adore my garden! I like to bake & make jam. I adore the process of planning for Christmas, which has started in earnest, I am allowed to mention it as we are now closer to this Christmas than the last one!  I used to go to Church on a Sunday morning but haven't been in over a year due to dealing with my parents. Unfortunately both my parents are rude, obnoxious & selfish people, & that I am there to solve any problem they have! I realised from a very young age that I never wanted to be like them which is quite sad really. I'm very fond of reading posts over the closeness most people experience with their parents & I know it is something that my children & I will always share. Saying that though my parents have been very good grandparents, my sister & I often joke that they only had children to become grandparents!

I have made a huge effort in the week to do a house work job or two after work each evening. This is working out very well & is leaving me with a little more free time later on in the evening., I still struggle to catch up with blogs though! I do quite often have a sneaky look in work!

I was sat at my little garden table last week & the above photos are of the views I had around me! Just walking through the French doors & stepping into my little garden I can feel the stress start to drain away. Especially at this time of year, when there are plenty of things to harvest. This afternoon I will be gathering broad beans, carrots & potatoes from my garden to go with the lamb we are having today! I may even be able to provide a bowl of strawberries too, if the boys have left any!

I'm actually quite grateful to have my little garden & my craft stash which is not so little. I appreciate having a job that I am good at & having the option to work from home when it suits me! I appreciate having Mike & the children, who have made me a much better person over the years. I appreciate having my blog & the lovely people I speak to through it. On the whole I lead a very charmed life & I know I have the strength of character to get through any problems that may come my way.

My sister dislikes going to see my dad by herself so either Mike or I will go with her. I will be gritting my teeth & chewing my tongue at 11 am this morning when I go with her to see him, he doesn't misbehave when I'm there as he knows he can't get away with it. I shall be thinking of my little space above all the time while I am there along with the cardigan I have started to knit, some creations for the swaps I am taking part in, my crochet blankets & the possibility of making some Black currant jam, I will be having a good day today!

As always I hope you enjoy yours. xx

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Who would you be?

A bit of fun, no serious answers please. I'm quite happy in my own skin, I've known who I am for a long time now & am more than happy with myself. Yes I could be a tad slimmer, if only to fit into some of my old clothes & the coat Mike bought me several years back thinking I was a size 8!

Anyway who would you be if you had the chance, I adore watching old comedy's & Last of the Summer Wine is a particular favourite!

If I could spend the day as anyone it would be Edie Pegden

I never learnt to drive, I did start many, many moons ago but never got round to taking my driving lesson. Mike has threatened several times to buy me a car & book me some lessons. However being the completely unpractical person I am I respond with ' But you know I like nice classic cars darling!'

Anyway whenever Last of the Summer Wine is on the TV there is great hilarity all round when Mike points out to the kids, 'if your mother ever learns to drive, she would be like Edie', I strongly suspect he is right too!

So come on, who would you like to be, fun answers only -

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Happy things!

I feel such a tardy blogger at times, but when the weather is this nice time just races away from you.

1. I have found my camera, after several days of looking Mike enquired into what I had lost & told me it was on the chest of drawers in the bedroom. There it was, I had walked past the blinking thing several times a day until I found it!

2. I just adore these flowers, Canterbury Bells I think they are, I remember sowing the seeds last year but nothing came up!. The picture on the packet showed such delicate little flowers, how wrong I was these are huge!

3. New blooms, a small trip to a diy store saw Mike head one direction towards trowels & sand, I went to the garden section & found these -

4. The birds ate all of the cherries but I don't think they have the taste for peaches I hope!

5. Look I can knit fair isle! Its not perfect, it is tight in places & as I knitted it using cotton there is no stretch but I can knit fair isle, I'm now busy collecting the relevant wool to make some cowls for Christmas -

There are more happy things, I have several projects on the go I refuse to use the word WIP as some of them are not progressing at all but lets just say there is plenty of knitting, sewing, crochet, patchwork & cross stitch on the go. I am taking part in three swaps, I will blog about these soon I truly didn't have time last week. The veg garden is looking fab, the birds are taking full advantage at the lack of time I had last week & are making free with the fruit! 

As always enjoy your day xx

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

I'm Pffting again

I've lost my camera, I'm not overly concerned about that as I do need a new one, its the memory card inside it which is the problem. All the old photographs I have on my laptop so that's fine, its the oodles of lovely new ones I took at the weekend I can't use now. Pfft!

We had a lovely fathers day/ birthday meal on Sunday. Rob is 20 today (lord knows how that happened)I remember the day he was born as clear as day & holding my baby son marvelling at how huge his hands were. He has grown into his hands now, all 6+ft of him! Mike was very happy with some new fishing equipment he wanted.
Old photo
The garden is looking spiffing this year & I can't show you until I find my blinking camera. It is full of veg, fruit flowers & birds, just as it should be. I have managed to keep on top of resowing seeds for lettuce, spring onions, radish & spinach. We have harvested some potatoes & carrots which were meant to be served today for lunch with little lamb chops, however Rob has requested fajitas??
Still old photos

I have made some lovely wool & fabric purchases & was super excited to visit Mold yesterday & went to my favourite charity shop, where I found a rose bowl. I've wanted one for ages & nearly performed several cartwheels when I spotted it in the corner, I bought it & three more coronation mugs for my collection for the wonderful sum of £10.50. I was however ever so slightly peeved after cutting some roses for my rose bowl to find they wouldn't stand up straight, I plonked them in a jug instead until I find time to arrange them properly. 

I shall leave you with this little shocker who has grown immensely, has had her jabs so can go for walks & who I had to wrestle a yank of hand dyed merino yarn from her jaws this morning!

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Fruit trees

Touch wood (or the trunk) my fruit trees seem fairly productive this year. I am taking a positive look on this as the fig, one cooking apple, greengage & a pear have decided not to produce any fruit this year.
Baby pears. The two pear tees were bought with cross pollination in mind. However when they blossomed earlier on this year they both blossomed at completely different times! They are still new trees though so hopefully next year.
My treasured Bramley apple tree. My other tree failed to produce an blossom the year so I wasn't expecting any apples at all. Luckily there are a few apple trees locally so these baby fruits were a happy sight!
My dwarf peach tree. We dragged (Mike did) out of the greenhouse for the summer to make space. It was smothered in baby fruits & I had to remove over 50 to ensure there is enough space for the remaining few to grow to full size.
My plum tree, Ii think I have enough for a pot of jam or two. Plum jam is my second favourite jam, Gooseberry is my first. Greengage jam would be my very first but until that decides to fruit its place in the jam list is still undecided.

And for the first time ever several punnet worth of cherries! The top photo is my sweet cherry tree & the bottom one my sour cherry tree. If the blackbirds leave me any that is, I'm hoping to be able to bottle some of the sour ones in brandy or something like that. Possibly even dry some as I adore sour cherry chocolate, the sweet ones will be grazed off the tree by me, the kids or the blackbirds. I am yet to find out!

Now as my garden is fairly small my fruit trees are kept in pots but are well looked after with food & water. Several of them will be re potted later on this year in half whisky barrels to match the others. I really can't fit any more trees in, well I can but I have to wait as Mike is moving the shed. However my edible hedge which I planted earlier on in the year contains a wide variety such as  crab apple, wild pear, cherry plum, elder sloe, wild rose & hazel nut. I know I have elder, sloe, the rose & hazel nut & I am pretty sure there is a crab apple or two amongst the mix. I just have to wait a while before I purchase a medlar, mulberry & quince!

As always enjoy your day xx

Saturday, 7 June 2014


Apologies for my absence, living in a family of four again is taking some getting used to!. Rob is home from uni for the summer. Mike picked him & seemingly the entire contents of his house up last Tuesday & it has been fun trying to store everything.

It is lovely to have him home though & as Mike was off for most of the week we have been having some family time.

Anyway back to business, several weeks back I had a fall out with Tesco my supermarket of choice. There is nothing that peeves me more than a standard response to a complaint. Anyway I vowed not to return & whilst in part you can put down the decline in profits to me not shopping there they really do need to take a long sharp look at their customer service. I have started using Morrisons & so far have been hugely pleased. I have some £5 off a £40 shop vouchers & at the moment if you spend £40 or over they give you a token each week for 4 weeks then you get a voucher for £10 off your shop.

However the thing I was most taken with is the plant/flowers selection. As we walked in I spotted these lovely items & told Mike just because I was looking didn't mean we were buying. Three items then mysteriously jumped in the trolley!

£1.80 for the tulips & £1.30 yes that's right £1.30 for a huge bunch of Sweet Williams! We also bought a fushia for £1.33 but as it is pouring with rain I have yet to take a photo of that or my ripening cherries.

I received my Stationery swap parcel the same day, I nearly missed the postman! We passed him in the lane & Mike reversed the car to ask if he had a package for me & he did! I was super excited & left Mike to empty the car whilst I ran into the house to open my goodies!
& This is what I got, a nice note book which I have already started to use for Christmas, the gold & silver pens have been put away for Christmas as I never get round to buying any. A pack of two mini notebooks one each for my wool & fabric stash. Some sticky notes which I love as I never buy stuff like that for myself, some washi tape & a lovely card. A huge thanks to my swap partner Jana  & also to Lisa  for holding the swap.

I have to log off now & will try hugely to reply to comments to my last post & catch up on your lovely blogs tomorrow. Rob is very blessed to work in my department when not away at uni. As we are at present in the middle of a huge storm I am highly reluctant to let him walk to work. I shall let him log on at home until he can get a lift in later.If that doesn't encourage him to learn to drive I don't know what will apart from me booking his lessons! You may feel as sorry for the boy as some of his colleagues jokingly do, imagine having your mother as your boss. As always enjoy your day but due to the extremely loud thunder & lashings of rain stay safe xx