Thursday, 18 September 2014


No idea if the spelling is correct but I liked the title. Now I do like a nice parcel through the post & whoever thought of the first blogger swap, well what a fantastic idea!

Trawling my way through blogland a couple of months back I came across a 'From my home to your home swap'. What a fabulous idea I thought to myself. Off I went to look properly & found it was being held by betty-thewoodfairy. So I promptly became a follower & expressed my interest to join. I was matched with Linda from Vintage Hearth.

The lovely thing about this swap was that we had yonks to get our gifts together & the way my summer ended up this was ideal.

So here is my package I sent off to Linda. Due to time restraints I couldn't get out shopping . I really can't tell you how thrilled Mike was, unfortunately for Mike we have the internet so I set about ordering things.

Excuse my jumbled up photo I leave everything to the last minute. The morning the parcel was posted Mike had finished work at 9:30am, he had started at 7 I think & had to go in for records or something like that but as he was way over his hours he finished early. I digress, I saw my chance & hurriedly wrapped my package of gifts so Mike could take them to the post office.

That is possibly where things started to go wrong, I was actually working at the time & no one could locate any sticky tape. Not to be put out as I was determined to post that day I hastily wrapped tissue paper round my gifts, naturally I ran out of tissue paper & had to wrap some of the gifts together. I would like to add this was nice coloured paper & not toilet roll.

I had bought some rather bright wrapping paper with Welsh words on it as after all my home is here in Wales. The lack of tape made me wrap the package together with a ribbon so far, so good.  The package then refused to fit into a large padded envelope I had bought! The parcel probably included strands of my hair at this point.

I was getting more & more peeved, Mike & Harry were battling for control over the TV remote, Rob was mooching around for the possibility of breakfast. I was struggling to wrap my gifts & was about to commit murder.

I chucked the parcel at Mike along with Linda's address & my debit card with the instruction Go to the village post office, buy some brown paper & wrap & address nicely! Get me next day delivery if the cost is suitable.' Now I have no idea what Mike thinks is a suitable price but he spent £13 of my pounds on next day delivery, ahem! Dipstick!!!! In fact double Dipstick!!

Anyway Linda did indeed receive her parcel & thankfully liked the contents. Mike had christened most of the contents as tourist tat but I like things like that I have cupboard full of them. In fact I nearly kept the slate coaster. Mike made me post it.

Our gifts were to include a handmade item, so I elected to make a lavender bag type thing. A little larger than I wanted but I embroidered some daffodils & naturally had to include them. I backed it with my favourite fabric which has all four UK flags. Depending on the vote I might have some valuable fabric on my hands!

I received my package from Linda the other day & it was full of lovely things

Look at this lovely crochet hook holder that Linda made for me, isn't it wonderful! It is now full of my hooks. A tea caddy too, I haven't had one of them before & a lovely tin bookmark, a sheep weathervane /teller thingamajig, a mug, a lavender heart made out of an old Durham quilt! Some books, the one on Beamish is fabulous, I am busy planning a trip there but as it is a three & 1/2 hour journey each way I don't think that will happen until next year. Anyway I received a lovely parcel & was thrilled with the contents. A very enjoyable swap. 

Enjoy your day all xx


  1. A lovely idea, some beautiful gifts.

  2. It looks like you both got some lovely things. I've never taken part in a swap but I'd like to, I never seem to find out about them until it's too late though.

  3. lol, you made me howl. I always manage to get my hair stuck when wrapping my Ebay sales. I have to send DH and kids with a note for the lady at the PO if I can't take things myself. She laughs at me ;~)

  4. It is 'Swapsie'. For a somewhat fraught post it's good to see that you ended up with an enjoyable swap. Flighty xx

  5. Your household sounds like a guinea a minute... I'm sure you must make all this up really - otherwise, how come you and Mike are still together?? :) I'm not going to offer to do a swap. It sounds too risky!

  6. You sound just like me when I'm in a hurry! I wouldn't trust M to wrap anything- no one would ever be able to open it :o)

  7. Once again I'm a little late ... Story of my life lately!! Thanks once again Jo for being a wonderfully patient swap partner. your post has made me giggle - so similar to the story of most of my swaps. I always forget to include the card -yours was no exception - and have to reopen the parcel to pop it in. The hair in the sellotape - well you probably received a sample of my hair in there somewhere - it gets everywhere! I am so glad you liked your parcel and I do hope you get to visit Beamish at some point, you won't be disappointed but do allow a full day there as there is just so much to see. ( By the way a ticket to Beamish now lasts a whole year so you can revisit free). I hope to resume blogging soon - though my current full time teaching contract is very tiring to say the least and I hardly have time to breathe! However when I do resume a post about our swap will be the first thing I do. Take care. xxx


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