Friday, 12 December 2014

Five on Friday

Please excuse how dark the picture is, I've been trying to capture how good my wooden Merry Christmas banner looks !
I'm joining in with Amy's Five on Friday, please find my five below -

1. My eldest returns from uni today for the Christmas holidays, I really can't explain how excited I am, I'm feeling much more festive now!

2. I've been baking for his return (cherry & almond loaf amongst other items) & whilst I would much prefer a curry to eat this evening he has requested enchiladas.

3. I'm off for two weeks wahoo! Reading, crafting & lazing awaits! In reality I will be running after a damp dog with a mop to remove his muddy paw prints. 

4. This weekend marks the end of my Christmas treat shop, I must investigate the hire of a bank vault to hide the goodies from me. (See the start of No 3)

5. I will consume my body weight in Snowballs this festive season. I have not given up hope that one of my boys will marry a nice American girl in the future! They sell huge cartons of eggnog over there in the supermarkets, I've seen them on Christmas movies & I'm pretty sure eggnog & advocaat are the same thing or a close enough match! 

I am joining in Five on Friday, taking five minutes from our day to enjoy five things.  Please go and visit the other people who are also blogging about Five on Friday this week.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

How we roll here

I was pondering to myself last night how things change as you age & your family develops with & around you.

Since having children many moons back (the youngest is now 13) there are few opportunities for random nights out, they have to be planned in advance!

I was more pondering as I was sat on one sofa with a basket of knitting & Mike was on the other sofa with his Christmas jigsaw. A happy nearly middle age couple we are too!

Suddenly I heard a baby elephant run down the stairs & clatter into the hallway, the sitting room door was flung open & Harry (the youngest) fell in with excitement holding a case of game chips. ' Does any one want a game of poker?' He asked happily ?????????? That's how we roll here now!

In case any of you are in any way jealous of my way too perfect life I shall leave you with a photo of my real world -
My beautiful large Christmas tree relegated to a corner of the dining room, set off by a wall without plaster & the other without wallpaper. A work in progress like quite possibly every room in the house. My lovely Mike the one who works full time, likes to fish at the weekend & thinks he can renovate a house which didn't need renovating in the first place single handedly!

On the plus point I do believe the skirting board has been fitted now, not on the brick wall though. We are debating on an opening for double doors you see, hence why we still have a brick wall. The main point for the debate being the placing of said double doors, but that's how we roll here now!

Enjoy your day all xx

Monday, 8 December 2014

Is anyone feeling festive?

I am feeling slightly tingly with excitement but there doesn't feel to be any magic to proceedings this year.

I am feeling slightly flat about things, perhaps it hits us all at one time or another, I put it down to the fact we have had a shockingly bad year & there will just be four of us for Christmas day this year. Something which has been unheard of in all the time Mike & I have been together. Therefore there has been no major preparations, no mincemeat, no cake & no stashing of food/drinks. No children in primary school either so no plays or fairs to look forward too! Harry is far to old for the church crib service but I think Midnight Mass will be in order this year.

Blimey, I do sound like a miserable old hag don't I!

For some reason I didn't buy myself an advent calender this year, my sister then presented me with this creation -
She had spent a couple of months making this for me, isn't it sweet. A bit dishevelled now after 8 days in mind, it needs propping up! Apart from a scary looking key ring I have had an assortment of sweets. Harry was rather excited about this handmade creation & has insisted on opening it for me day by day. I have to wait my turn of course. Harry opens his first then the dog has his, naturally I am last. Out of the 8 days worth of little gifts I have acquired a scary looking keyring & a strawberry cream. The others were part of Harry's vast favourites so I have passed them on!

Mike has requested beef for Christmas lunch this year, 'Really I asked him, have you gone mad' so we have ordered a small joint of beef, a small turkey & a ham. I rather enjoy cold cuts. So as a change this year we are not having  a cake & I am buying mince pies, heck I might even buy the mulled wine ready made.

I've treated myself to two weeks off starting from the 14th December most unheard of, I may even switch my Blackberry off for the season. Then again I may twitch if I do, I might put it in a drawer but leave the ringer on instead.

Mike has told me to cull my rather extensive Christmas book list, I can have two. I'm finding it rather hard to pick though, I'm having a craft book & a gardening book. Any ideas on a gardening book please, not a how to one, I'd like one I can read too if you understand. I'm rather taken with 'A taste of the unexpected'  but am open to other ideas.

Right I'm off to cheer myself up with a walk, the weather was shockingly bad earlier on this morning so the hound hasn't been out. Not that I think he is missing his walk as he is snoozing on the sofa at present.

I took my camera with me yesterday morning on a walk with Mike & the hound, naturally there was no power to it possibly due to the large number of selfies I find on it of Harry & Rocky.

Enjoy your day xx