Friday, 18 July 2014

What's a girl to do

I find myself ill again which is rather strange as I feel fine. If it wasn't for Mike being off yesterday I wouldn't have visited the Doctor Surgery. It was less of a visit more of a frog march!

I have, yet again pneumonia & as it is recurrent in an otherwise healthy person I have to go for a chest x-ray on Monday. I also have an inhaler & a course of antibiotics to get through. The Dr also prescribed rest & Mike growled when I told the Dr I had a meeting to go to (I really don't feel ill) anyway to appease Mike & the Dr I took yesterday & today off work.

So what's a girl to do when this opportunity presents, I persuaded the lovely Mike to take me to Abakhan as I needed some white cotton to make this -

Its a quilt from the new QuiltNow mag which I subscribed to several weeks back, the postman delivered the first copy last Saturday & I was rather taken with this design.

We arrived at Abakhan & I noticed they had two barrels of fabric rolls outside the entrance to the fabric part. I normally ignore these but a roll of fabric caught my eye so naturally we had to investigate.

My shockingly bad photography skills really cant show you just how lovely this fabric is, there was also a roll of a cream fabric there which I thought would be suitable for quilt backings so we picked that one up too! The fabric roll in the photo was £5 & the cream one was priced at £2.50 & each roll contained over 5 meters each! Along with the white cotton fabric I went for & a sneaky wool purchase we returned home after lunch.

So today I will be found cutting these into squares & drinking tea, as always enjoy your day xx

Thursday, 17 July 2014

A posy & a swap

I spent more time than necessary in the garden the other evening as a ploy to keep me away from the housework! I had cleared the broad bean bed in readiness for the purple & white sprouting broccoli to be planted. I may get round to that this weekend but until then I have a lovely clean bed of soil.

I knew I had to clean the bathroom & hoover the stairs, landing & bedrooms & put the recycling out for collection, so naturally I put all of that off for a bit & collected myself a posy.

It contains = calendula, cosmos, dahlias, cornflowers, stocks, sweet peas, large daisy's, & some white frothy flowers amongst others. It was a pleasant half hour spent & surprisingly also contains a large amount of critters too!

I have joined a few swaps because I rather like making things & it keeps me quiet! I keep on forgetting to put the swaps up in my side bar. This latest one was organised by Lisa who also organized the stationary swap I took part in. Its a secret swap as in you send a handmade ornament to someone & someone else ends you one. I ambitiously decided to make two ornaments & finally decided on a stripy knitted Christmas stocking as I thought my limited skills would be up to it. They were until I sewed the seams together, lets say after much hair pulling it was the neatest they were going to be! I added a couple of extras to make up for the lack of sewing skills!

My efforts - there is a bag of chocolate coins in each stocking, one recipient in England the other in  New Zealand!

And I had a package back & it was fabulous -
This lovely package was sent by Kimberley all the way from New Zealand & I love it, ermmm the wrappers in the background contained some chocolate that Kimberley included. It actually lasted several hours before it was eaten, unfortunately it was eaten & I shared it before I took the photo! 

As always enjoy your day xx

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Sunny Saturday

I am feeling rather on top of things, I have nearly caught up on reading & commenting on your lovely blogs. I finished work early yesterday 2pm to be precise & eagerly (well, nearly eagerly) set about dusting, cleaning, washing floors that sort of malarkey to keep the house in order!

Even better after Mike arrived home from work we went food shopping, so that is out of the way.  I sneaked into Thornton's for a couple of presents, a bag of coffee creams for me & a bag of toffees for Mike also found their way into my basket! Mike still has his toffees as he has far more restraint than I ever will have, I practically inhaled my chocolates last night.

Sunny Saturday Check list
1. Mike fishing all day -  check
2. Birds fed - check
3. Washing on line - check
4. House work completed - checkity check, check, check completed yesterday!!!!
5. Kids happy - check
6. Crochet to hand - check
7. Turkish delight to hand -  check. I am such an old bat when it comes to chocolates, I like Frys peppermint cream too!
8. Garden & pots watered - check
9. Dinner planned - check. Chicken & broad bean pilaf!
10. Joanne happy & relaxed - check.
11. A lovely Christmas fabric order placed for projects & presents - check

Leaving you with some love happy flowers -

 A couple of years back I received an email from Flighty asking if I would like some of his home collected Marigold seeds. These particular seeds are known as 'Flightys Favourites' as a lot of you know as you would have received your own supply. I love the generosity amongst the blogging community & these flowers make my heart sing every time I look at them. As always enjoy your day xx

Friday, 11 July 2014

When is a badger not a badger

My children were all born in England, Chester to be precise which in my eyes makes them English not that it makes any difference, saying that they spent the briefest possible time in hospital before I took them home.

Rob the eldest has always considered himself Welsh, he was brought up in Wales, speaks almost fluent Welsh & wanted to go to a Welsh university. Myself & my siblings were born in the same hospital making us English too, however all other relatives of a long, long line of extended family are Welsh, which also to my mind makes Rob just as Welsh as any of them.

Harry the youngest has always seemed American, he even has the accent & ahem does chores to earn pocket money!

Yesterday afternoon the bus was late arriving to pick them up at the end of school. Harry elected to walk home with his cousin & friend as he was fed up of waiting. I found this out as when he hadn't arrived home at his usual time I phoned him to see where he was. I had a text back 'I'm driving' Harry by the way is 12! He phoned me to say not to worry, he was just crossing the main road. Yes I was most displeased.

Back to the story, Harry walked through the door most pleased with himself as he had been able to walk home from school. He was more pleased to excitedly inform me that he had found a dead skunk by the hedge at the side of the road. I retorted that it was a badger & why on earth did he not know the difference!

After a quick nature lesson the boy then asked me for milk & cookies & said thanks mom as he walked off to put his school things away ! I have every reason to believe I will lose this son of mine to America once he is older, he was most pleased when his older brother told him if he worked hard enough in school he could apply to an American university once his time came.
As always enjoy you day xx

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Trying to catch up

Goodness I feel so shockingly behind at times, this being one of them. I'm struggling at the moment to even log on to do a blog post, I tend to read most of your blogs during quieter periods when I am in the office hence no comments. I do promise myself that I will log on when I am at home to comment but then time passes by & I'm ready for bed! I have threatened Mike that unless he starts to help out more round the house that he can fork out for a cleaner. The reply I got was why don't you drop your hours at work or give it up, the reply I gave to Mike consisted of several words I won't repeat on here ending with why don't you give your job up!!!!!

Anyway no one wants to hear of my bad time management, I am trying my very hardest to blog at least twice a week from now on. The weather has been so lovely this year sun, sun sun, rain, sun, sun, sun rain. Just ideal for the garden where everything is flourishing! I want to keep a record of it, I'm even struggling to find the time to photograph the garden too which is a shame as I have a glorious red coloured hollyhock sprung up from nowhere. It really is lovely, I shall try & save some seeds from it when it is time.

Some of the harvests from the garden, we have also had patty pan squash, lettuce, radish & tender stem broccoli oh & some mange-toute. The strawberries have been poor this year as most of them died over winter. My fault for using one of those strawberry barrels, a huge mistake. It is currently holding some trailing geraniums! I have been busy pegging down runners to increase my strawberry stock for next year. Black currants & red/white currants have been harvested & frozen. I shall make some blackcurrant jam once I find the time & the red/white currants will be used to make some chilli jam/sauce type thing once the chillies are ready, phew!

The boy has requested a crochet blanket to take back to uni with him in September.He has asked for a fairly large blanket so I am going to make some larger granny squares for quickness & join them together. I have a cardigan on the go, a ripple crochet blanket for me or I will have once I get the hang of rippling! Also several projects for the big C which will be happening later on this year. Oh I also cut out the pieces for a skirt I want to make, she says confidently having not used a sewing machine since she was 11 & the sewing machine Mike bought her a couple of years back has not long been taken out of its box.

I do know I am the source of all my problems & that you cannot do it all, right I'm off after my slight whine to catch up & comment on your lovely blogs. As always have a great day xx

Thursday, 3 July 2014

The biggest pest in my garden

Is not slugs & snails, oh no! Its puppy dog tails or rather the puppy attached to the tail. When my sister bought her much longed for puppy she hadn't thought it through properly. With her & her husband working full time naturally there isn't anyone at home full time.

Always happy to help anyone out I offered to have her Monday to Wednesday. Actually I was coerced into this little arrangement but thought 'How much damage could one little puppy do'. As it happens, a lot!

In my small garden I have an asparagus patch which I will be extending slightly. The patch is only a couple of years old & I have yet to crop anything from it the asparagus crowns have to develop for three years first. I lovingly feed & water my small asparagus patch & tie up the fronds to stop them from flopping everywhere. Because of this dedication they have been growing well & I was looking forward to my first picking next year.

Then Mitzi came along!

My gnawed asparagus & the fronds she ran off with, Mike is threatening to stuff & mount the dog & I am getting increasingly peeved with the tittered response from my sister 'Oh she is a little horror isn't she'.

The little horror sat in a pot of mint & chewing a pear tree trunk. I will be telling my sister that I will be unable to have the dog the days I work from home as I can't keep an eye on her in the garden. I cant see it going down to well but the dogs is really causing too much damage!

As always enjoy your day xx