Friday, 8 August 2014


A quick post just in case you were wondering where I had gone!

Thank you ever so much for your lovely messages on my last post & my apologies for not responding to your comments.

My lovely second in command in work had a heart attack while I was convalescing & is due shortly to have a triple heart bypass. To say that trumps my illness is an understatement!

To accommodate his time off work & my illness I have had to do a little jiggery pokery which means I am mostly without a laptop as my son uses it to work from home in the evening while he is home from uni. If any problems occur I am then on hand to deal with them. This however cuts down hugely on the amount of time blogging. Hopefully the middle of September will see me return, though that will mean a little more jiggery pokery!

Mike ensures I rest in the evening which means I have been busy crafting away, unfortunately no photographs yet! The garden has been super good this year & apart from some blossom end rot on the greenhouse tomatoes everything has been good. I have yet to plant my PSB for next year & hope I haven't left it too late.

Hopefully I will be able to access a computer again so I can leave you some comments, I'm sure you understand things have been stupidly busy of late.

Hope you are keeping well xx