Tuesday, 27 January 2015

It has always intrigued me with the kindness other bloggers show each other. After all for the most part we are strangers. A blog being a diary of our thoughts & opinions.

Whilst mine started off & still very strongly consists of my garden, my crafting has crept in along with my family. It's how it is.

After quite a sleep deprived week with Harry being so blinking ill (back at school now & fighting fit) I was most cheered by your kind comments.

I was giggling to myself Saturday evening whilst getting ready for our family date night. Harry kept on rolling his eyes at Mike. I was drying & straightening my hair before applying the bit of make-up I wear. I would just like to say the entire process of me getting ready from start to finish was 45 minutes. Harry was complaining that women 'mums in particular' took so long getting ready! I was giggling because it was funny & I was going to mention it in passing as you do on my next blog post.

The phone then went, my company mobile phone. I know if the phone goes in the evening its bad news. For some reason the house phone wasn't connected to the socket so whilst it was ringing to the outside world, it wasn't inside the house.

My dad had taken ill & the care home had been trying to contact me all afternoon, they had phoned work to get the mobile number that had been misplaced.

I made a quick phone call to my sister & we were on our way. I then stopped next to his bedside for the 16 hours it took him to pass away.

I'm the eldest & also the strongest I deal with things, it's just how it is. I've had to spend the past couple of days assuring people I was quite fine & not quite as heartless as I appear It is what it is or I am what I am sort of thing. I made a phone call to my brother to say he needed to be there if he could cope with it & that Mike was on his way to pick him up.

My brother & sister have always found it hard to cope with, my brother has pretty much been unable to cope with my dad being in the home. My sister for the last few months has pretty much perched herself outside the door of the room he was in. Unable to attend without me. She did it once & it nearly finished her off. He has been in a bad way.

Being more practical & always seeing life as black & white with a thin strip of grey down the middle I do cope with things. We never had a particularly happy childhood, being brought up by two adults who quite frankly made a mistake in picking each other. There was very little love shown & arguments were frequent & on occasions violent. It's how it was.

I was a quiet child who sought refuge in books, through books I found how life should be lived. Being quiet & watching helped me to become a person who sees the bigger picture & give me a huge sense of empathy for other people. I dislike unfairness greatly & I will back any person who has been treated unfairly.

My brother lasted all of 15 minutes at the home before I sent him back, he couldn't cope & it wasn't fair to keep him there. My sister couldn't cope but wanted to be there so she sat in the corner & I positioned my chair so she couldn't see my dad.

I always need to find the humour in something. Ten minutes before my dad passed on I was sat at his bedside my face approx 10 cms from his as I needed to be sure he had passed before I told my sister. My brother was texting me to say he was coming back up with a childhood friend. I knew it was close for my dad so I text back he needed to come back quickly if he wanted to say goodbye.  The carers at the home were absolutely fantastic, without their professionalism & caring nature I'm sure the whole thing would have been much harder.

I saw my dad take his last breath & was much comforted by it, it was a peaceful passing. I sat there for two minutes wondering with these thoughts running through my mind 'Drat how do  handle this now, do I just say to Sue I'm nipping to the toilet & get the nurse, do I say to Sue go & get the nurse for me, how do I tell my brother etc. It was quite funny, I think I was tapping my fingers at one point. Anyway in the end I told Sue to go & get the nurse as I think he has gone, just to double check. I also had to tell my mum which I did in a kind manner. While she was sad (they truly had a strange relationship) she hadn't seen him for nearly two years so took it quite well!

I am pleased to say there has been far more laughter than tears. We went for a drink at my dads local which was the right thing to do. Laughing with childhood friends & their parents about old memories was a fitting tribute.

I have rambled enough now, recorded what I wanted too. Life goes on the dog is pestering for a walk & I have to go to the post office to send Robs new passport by g'teed next day delivery. I will be busy for the next couple of days but pretty much everything has been sorted. Hope to be back on Friday.

Take care all xx

Friday, 23 January 2015

One of those weeks

Not much has been done here, Harry has had Flu, proper flu too! He wasn't right when he come home from school last Friday & his symptoms developed then developed etc. So that's what I've been up to. He's turned a corner thankfully & nearly at the end of it so hopefully we will be able to keep our family date night tomorrow evening.

We should be touch wood, going to a local tapas bar so fingers crossed.

Very little crafting has been done -

One set of Liberty hexies sown together for my quilt & I've made an even slower start on my crochet blanket too! Notice the use of my!

I washed the fat quarters I bought for Harry's quilt last weekend not thinking he would be so ill. They have remained in a pile all week dried but not ironed. My ironing pile is standing at over 5 ft. I'm 5 ft 1 inch you see that's how I know as it is slightly above me. I shall try to make a start on it on Sunday, well both actually! 

And finally a garden shot, do you remember back in November I was taking a shot of the veg garden each month. Well I didn't for December so I give you January's shot which is graciously sharing with December! Enjoy your day x

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Planning & cooking

For want of a post title I've popped that one up there just in case I forget to add one!

We had a nice morning in the garden on Sunday. Just a little tidy & Mike cut the Raspberry canes down for me.

It's got me planning for the growing season. I'm not growing much from seed this year thanks to my lovely Christmas present from Mike. I've been perusing the Sarah Raven catalogue avidly & after totalling up orders of £300+ I promptly turned off my laptop & gave myself a good talking to! I will order a Chrysanthemum selection that I rather liked & up to 5 packets of seeds, a far more sensible spend me thinks! Is it it just me who gets carried away I wonder?

Anyway I'm being let loose on the garden centre at the weekend. Quite possible attached to a short piece of rope which would then be attached to Mike. I am allowed to fill a small pot of mixed seed potatoes & maybe a cup of tea.  I hope they are doing that again this year & then  we will go searching for the peacock that lives there. Harry still loves doing that even at 13!
Random garden shot, in reality it is a little bleak out there!
We normally have a roast at the weekend & I tend to buy a big enough joint of whatever for a couple more meals too! Except Mike thinks it is fair game in the afternoon to pick at the leftovers, he would probably pick it up and gnaw at it in the style of a caveman if he knew I wasn't watching him closely.
He is in for a shock tonight as I have Boston baked beans in the slow cooker & ham & chicken pasta sauce on the stove.  Ha, enjoy your day xx

Friday, 9 January 2015

Five on Friday

I tell you what this being back in work lark after having time off gets some getting used to I can tell you that!
Five things keeping me happy -

1. A finished project & some yarny bits for the birds to collect for their nests.  I am so unbelievably pleased with these, not many mistakes at all. They are also wonderfully warm & cosy. I slip them on when I walk the hound & wiggle my hands at Mike. I found the pattern here on Little Cotton Rabbits & promptly ordered the wool. Not that I needed much prompting!

2. Mike bought me the above machine for Christmas. I have a stash of Liberty fabrics & wanted to make a hexagon quilt. This machine is fab, you put your fabric & shape cutter between two pads & roll it through. I have quite a collection of baby hexagons now!

3. My first love will always be my garden & I am looking forward to the weather warming up. I am such a fair weather gardener! 

4. Since I started this crafting malarkey I find myself to be a knitter rather than a crocheter? I just find knitting easier - so two knitting projects in a basket. A blanket & a cardigan. I also have an equally full crochet basket with the makings of two blankets!

5. These two always make me happy seeing them together. They made me giggle lots last night returning from walking the hound when I saw them galloping ahead. 

I am joining in Five on Friday, taking five minutes from our day to enjoy five things.  Please go and visit the other people who are also blogging about Five on Friday this week.

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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Veg garden 2015

I'm a terrible procrastinator. I drive Mike to distraction! I think long & hard before making a purchase. I've wanted this garden for the last couple of years now but always pull out at the last minute & feel a little sad because I never bought it.

One of my Christmas presents from Mike was - (imagine a drum roll please|) a Rocket constant garden.  Not at the price shown either as I am physically incapable of buying or receiving anything unless there is a discount. Another thing that drives Mike to distraction!

My lovely veg garden for 2015 is delivered on four parts, the first in May this year. I feel a little tingly at the prospect.

I may be sat here feeling a little smug, the first day back in school for Harry tomorrow, I'm back in work too now laptop & blackberry have been returned to me. I have everything ready for tomorrow & now realise there are no new photos for you.

I'm not doing any resolutions this year other than having a nice veg plot & finishing a couple of quilts. Last year was so blinking dismal for most of it I was glad to see it gone. In all honesty getting from the start of 2015 to the end is good enough for me.

Aiming for the positives this year, Mike turns 50 at the end of November & I have booked a large house in the Lakes for a long weekend away for 15 of us. Rob is turning 21 in June but has told me not to organize anything as more than likely he wont be home until after he graduates. I've told him to find out his plans for sure & I will happily arrange something of his choice for him & his friends. He is rather graciously allowing us to attend his graduation ceremony providing I don't wear a hat! I am a little disappointed, about the hat of course!

I'm rambling I shall leave you with an old garden photo or two! Take care xx

Monday, 5 January 2015


My absence can be explained by Mike confiscating my laptop during my time off work to ensure I get a proper rest.

He returned it to me this morning!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas & New Year. Both of mine were wonderful & Father Christmas brought me some wonderful crafting & gardening goodies, both of which I shall write about another time as I have some overdue thanks to dish out.

In the middle of last year I joined a Christmas swap run by Cheryll. The swap ran over 6 months & you had to make 5 handmade gifts & either a stocking, sack or bag. My partner was Andrea & she asked for a sack. In return I asked for a stocking.

Look at these lovely things she made & sent me, I was so excited to take part in this swap. In my excitement to be blogging again I am unable to locate the pictures of what I made & sent to Andrea. I know I took some so perhaps I haven't loaded them yet!

Anyway I have some serious catching up to do & emails to send now I have my computer back. Hope you are all well