Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Fox watch with extras part 1

Harry & I would like to present Fox watch 2015 :)

I was gazing through the kitchen window on Sunday morning when I thought I glimpsed something of a gingery nature! At first I thought it was one of the rather large cats that roam the fields as the pickings can be quite rich here. Mice, frogs, birds, ducklings etc. But no it wasn't! It was a fox! I scampered past Mike with great excitement as I do like foxes you see & ran upstairs quite possibly sounding like a baby elephant as I knew I would get a better view from my bedroom window. 

I am beyond excited, I've asked very nicely for a pair of binoculars which no doubt Mike wont buy me as my fabric haul this month has been quite extravagant to say the least.

Anyway since Sunday morning always between the hours of 7 am & 8 am Mr or indeed Miss Foxie comes through the back field, enters the middle field & meanders by the hedges. I'm pretty sure the den is to the back of the middle field too! This morning however the fox & to be honest it could be a different one as this one appears a little smaller decided to try & play with one of the cats who haunts the field.

It was hugely funny to watch as the cat kept on chasing the fox away which is how they appeared so close to my back garden fence. I shouted for Harry to grab the camera & off I ran to try & capture a few shots, which I sort of managed but when I tried to zoom in more the fox saw me & ran off!

Rocky dog had decided at this point that he had had quite enough & started yowling for his walk. It was no fun to him as he couldn't see anything & was getting bored!

He also decided that has he had to wait for his walk he would not look at the camera at all, certainly not when there were lots of interesting smells & brambles to get himself tangled up in! He was eyeing up the pond in the bottom shot.

Now my dears I shall leave you with a giggle for the day!
It is my fathers funeral this coming Friday (no need to giggle at that part, but think of me on the day after you read the following)

It has been a long fraught process as my mother is now due to come into a large sum of money & of course the house etc, never having experienced this before. My parents had one of those deeply old fashioned relationships where my father was in charge of everything & it was all in his name accordingly. Regular readers will know this & the fact he refused to leave a will!!!!

My brother & sister are useless at sorting things out & my mum lives in cloud cuckoo land so you can imagine the sorting out I've had to do the last few weeks.

I had decided on a mahogany coffin as my dad liked dark wood lined with green fabric because  he liked nature & the garden. As it is a cremation (my dads wishes, only wish in fact) I decided on a nice simple floral display on the top of the coffin. White lilies & chrysanthemums as he used to grow both. A nice elegant send off if you like & it was all going swimmingly. 

I had a text from my brother late last night & a phone call from my mother this morning 'The lads from the local have ordered a wreath out of respect' 

Except its not a blinking wreath its a floral pigeon!!!! 

Many years ago my dad used to keep pigeons, that's where they got the blinking idea.   

All my thought process into an elegant send off spoiled by a floral pigeon. Can you imagine how monstrous it will look. I'm imagining yellow carnations for the eyes. I've had my eldest son & little sister in stitches on the phone this morning. I phoned both starting with the words 'What the hell was that dipstick thinking off, what the hell am I to do with a pigeon'

Think of me my dears staring at this pigeon on Friday with yellow carnations for eyes!

Enjoy your day all xx

P.s I had planned to put the tasteful display on my nan & granddads grave, I truly don't think that even they would appreciate the pigeon, I will take a photo quite possibly next to my deeply unhappy face & the majority of my family rolling in laughter looking at me! 


  1. Oh, Joanne, I don't believe I've ever seen a floral pigeon. I do hope you take a photo. I'm so glad you've been able to sort out the legal ins and outs for your mom. You are a good daughter. blessings ~ tanna
    ps I loved seeing the Fox!

  2. Foxes are highly entertaining animals, you'll have lots of fun watching their antics each morning. That pigeon will be a little light relief for you on the day, it'll be good for a giggle, and let's face it, we can all do with a smile on a day like that.

  3. Perhaps you could tempt the fox closer in the garden with the floral pigeon? Two birds one stone as they say. Looking forward to seeing some foxy updates x x

  4. I hope your dad would be amused by a floral pigeon, and keep it in your mind, try and find some time for yourself on Friday, you have done so much for other people. My dad passed away in 1986, and I still talk to him, he drove a lorry, so often in my car when an idiot driver does something mad, I ask his opinion, and we have a laugh (does that make me sound a bit strange). As for your fox, I love them, our mad cat woman next door feeds the urban foxes, so we often see them.

  5. I am pleased you enjoyed the fox, I like to see them out in the countryside, but hate them for the carnage the cause, its a love hate relationship.
    Looking forward to seeing the floral pigeon, I do hope its tasteful :-)

  6. How fabulous to see the fox/es!
    The pigeon absolutely cracked me up..I have pet pigeons and I love them dearly...but a pigeon floral arrangement??? I HAVE to see this!!
    Jane x

  7. I look forward to the photo with relish, pigeon pie anyone. The "lads from the local" sent a dart board complete with darts to my Dad's send off. Needless to say it was 180.

  8. Lucky you with the fox(es), they are such wonderful animals.
    As for the floral pigeon...! Flighty xx

  9. I'm so pleased to find a fellow fox lover, so many people don't like them. We put a bowl of food out every night for the foxes and at the moment have counted 5 different foxes that visit at various times, the one who comes first gets the 2 chicken wings. lol
    Thought it worth a mention about fox mange, if the foxes have bare patches it is most likely mange and they die a horrible death from this. You can cure it easily with drops on some bread and jam each day if you feel like bothering. You can obtain these drops from 'Derbyshire fox rescue' and one small bottle lasts ages.
    If you go to my blog and click on foxes in my list you'll see one of my visitors.
    Many people think that they kill cats but this isn't so, they are frightened of mine and will wait until they all come in before coming in for the food.
    Hope to see more of yours.

  10. It's SO exciting seeing such a wild creature nearby - and he's a beauty! We had some fairly mangy yellowish foxes roaming around a few years ago but the ones I've seen this year are proper foxes, bushy tails and nice ginger coat. And very bold! I hear them most nights, yowling and playing. Blooming nuisance the racket they make but I do like to see them.
    I wish you the best for your Dad's funeral, hope it all goes off well, sounds like you're well organised - apart from the floral pigeon! I think I'd be tempted to accidentally drop it! Please take a photo, if nothing else it will give us all a laugh! C xx

  11. I hope that the day goes well on Friday in spite of the pigeon. I wonder where they will find grey flowers. Maybe it will be a compromise and be a white dove.
    Exciting about the fox maybe cubs will appear too.

  12. Hey Joanne,
    I remember seeing a fox last year as I was walking Honey along the lanes at Towednack. He was in a field, and we noticed each other at the same time. We stopped and stared at each other for what seemed like ages, although it was probably seconds. Then he sort of disappeared in that way that wild animals do. It sent shivers down my spine, so it must lovely to watch your fox from such close quarters.
    I am sending you love and best wishes for you dad's funeral. The pigeon wreath id make me smile. It's the gallows humour that gets us through sometimes isn't it? And I'd like to thank you for your support and lovely comments on my blog. I am terribly remiss at replying sometimes, as I snatch my time on here. But I do really appreciate you taking the time to read mine.
    Leanne xx

  13. Oh dear, I cannot think of anything suitable to say about the pigeon... so I will say nothing! I am glad that you are taking it as well as you can and I really do hope that it all goes as well as it is possible for these things to go. xx. p.s. you did have me in hysterics! xx

  14. I remember once being at a crematorium and seeing a group of people walk by with a long wreath that spelt out GIN & TONIC, it did make me laugh.


  15. I'm trying to imagine the florists' face when they got the order, I can't imagine it's something they regularly get asked for.

    Good wishes for Friday

  16. The fox is so cute! I love that the cat was chasing away the fox and not the other way around. We have coyotes in town that enjoy a cat or small dog every so often.

    A floral pigeon is a new one to me too. Wow. I'm trying to visualize how large this would be, and really it would have to be fairly substantial in order for the flowers to become pigeon shaped. I hope the florist isn't getting into a tizzy wondering how they will accomplish this. I hope all goes well on Friday.

  17. I am so sorry about the loss of your Dad, but a floral pigeon, really? I'd like to see that.

  18. Outstanding photo of the fox friend! How brave is your cat there! And as far as the is different...though at least it has given you all a chuckle! I will be thinking of you all this week. Take care friend....Nicole xo

  19. A floral pigeon will be a sight to behold. How lovely to see a fox so close. I know there are some around here, but we don't catch sight of them very often. If there's a stray chicken bone they're here in short order though. It would be lovely to have some binoculars, if Mike can be persuaded. I can vouch for Swarovski ones, I tried some out at a recent wildlife fair - amazing. A very, very long way out of my price range though! You will be in my thoughts tomorrow, I hope it all goes smoothly, floral pigeon notwithstanding. CJ xx

  20. I really hope the funeral goes well Jo and is a special occasion. The floral pigeon made me giggle! If it's not out-of-keeping I think we'd all like to see it...I'm thinking it will also brighten a difficult day for you all and hopefully not cause nervous giggles at the wrong moment! Fox-watch sounds great, I'm less keen on them I have to say as one stalked my elderly cat for weeks and very nearly killed her, but they are truly beautiful creatures x

  21. PLEASE take a picture of the floral pigeon. I did giggle. I'll bet the flowers you have put together will look beautiful :o)

    Great about the fox- it is always so exciting seeing wild creatures in their natural habitat. I wonder if you'll get cubs in the next few weeks? xx

  22. That has to have a photo taken! I have never heard of a floral pigeon before! I will be thinking of you tomorrow. If the emotions surge, keep looking at the pigeon........

  23. I am a fellow lover of foxes even though there are those in my village with chucks who would say otherwise. I've yet to see one. We are pretty open and flat where we are so wild life does tend to hide until us umans are not about. I hope all goes well on Friday. You've got all the hardwork out of the way with sorting his finances etc out. It does make you wonder what goes on in some peoples minds doesn't it when they come up with these floral tributes. I like Bon Jovi but I don't think I would want a him created in a floral tribute at my funeral although it would be a topic of conversation I suppose. Just like your floral pigeon. Take care.

  24. Foxes are such beautiful creatures, if only they didn't want to eat our chickens. Best wishes for Friday, that floral pigeon might be just the job to lift your spirits a little!. Jxx

  25. How lucky to see a fox, more photos if possible please. I hope the sight of the pigeon helps get you through the day. It is dark humour that gets us through these things. My dads funeral was during a snow storm, we were convinced one of my ageing aunts was going to slip and end up in the grave when they were throwing their handful of earth in.

  26. Firstly, I'm so sorry you lost your Dad x The pigeon will prove a light spot to the day and the days ahead I'm sure!

  27. So good to see you have some light relief at such a sad and I'm sure very hectic time, I can't imagine what the pigeon will look like! I love foxes too xx

  28. It is always lovely to see a fox, such beautiful creatures. I hope seeing the floral pigeon was a bright moment for you on such a sad day.
    Helen xox

  29. The fox story is wonderful...we have some very close to us and often hear them calling to each other at night.

    However you certainly trumped it with the floral pigeon....I wait in anticipation to see the photos!! lol


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