Thursday, 21 May 2015

Nearly all green

Miserable old harpie I sounded like in my last post but yes things are blinking tough with no kitchen but there are plenty more worse off! Anyhoo onwards & upwards - 

If I had got a wriggle on & painted the fence it would look even more green. Laziness & the rain got in the way. 

Now the rhubarb & raspberries are too big so the fence painting will be put off for a few more months! 

Gooseberries! I'm so looking forward to gooseberry jam & gooseberry fool

The garlic is looking good considering how late it was planted!

Purple flowers on the broad beans.

And a bodge it, every garden needs one apparently! 

My ahem home made by Mike cage for my brassicas. As ungrateful as I sound I think I would of liked something a little neater & possibly shorter. At least I can nearly walk upright in it to weed & my cabbages are safe from the cabbage white butterflies & it's green too! 
I'm getting rather attached to the old beast, of course my true love is with Mike. I only wish I could take a photo of it in all it's gloriousness! x 

Wednesday, 20 May 2015


Did you hear me scream, would you like to see why?

This is my kitchen my dears, the plasterer is coming three weeks today & Rob will be home from uni 5 days before that. Which means I will have to book a day off next week to transfer most of the kitchen bits & bats which we have stored in Robs room out. Minor problems, minor problems but its still going to be the end of June before I actually have a proper functioning kitchen. See the lack of sink, washing machine? Dishwasher is still connected slightly out of shot!

What have I been up to I hear you ask while Mike has been busy ripping down walls & ceilings?
 Well, the garden of course!

It's looking rather lush & green full of lovely things. Nothing to harvest yet as I sowed seeds quite late this year & of course I bought my veg plants but it is looking rather lovely in comparison to the kitchen that is!

I've made the decision to extend the asparagus patch. I have 6 plants there already or I did have until my sisters dog chewed the ferns down last year! Three of the remaining ones are growing really well & we've had our first meal from them this year. I was going to give the space over for a couple of chickens but I've vetoed that idea much to Mikes relief as Rocky hound has a hissy fit if a blackbird lands in the garden. He try's his hardest to catch a pigeon or blackbirds. I'm sure he has scared off the thrush. He puts up with the sparrows up to a point & I think the goldfinches scare him as they are very feisty. If I added a couple of chickens to the mix he would probably cry & try his hardest to eat one so an asparagus bed it is. I've ordered some plants not crowns from Victoriana Nursery 5 purple & five green along with some samphire seeds.

On my travels I've also bought/purchased a lemon, orange & lime trees (little bushes really) & a sweet potato plant. The sweet potato plants were on sale at our local nursery for £1.49 & they had three varieties.

The greenhouse will be rather full of exotics this year I fear! I've already got some okra in there.

Take care & have a lovely day x

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Rocket Garden Constant Delivery 1

My first batch of plants as promised -

No rosemary as they were too small to be posted but a promise that it will follow in my next delivery.

Arrow  - 10 seed potatoes, I shall give half to my sister as she forgot to buy some earlier on in the year & I already have a few pots worth in the garden.

2 x Tiny Tim - Tumbling ones
2 x St Pierre - Red
1 x A yellow/orange one that typically I've lost the label for!

White Cabbage - 5 x Cabbice
Red Cabbage - 5 x Red Drumhead
Savoy - 5 x Vertus

Peas 10 x Kelvedon Wonder

Lettuce - 10 mixed plants - Little Gem, Green Salad Bowl, Red Salad Bowl & Lollo Rossa

Spinach - 5 x Perpetual

Rainbow Chard - 5 x Bright Lights

Rocket - 5 x Wild Rocket

Leeks - Musselburgh

Onions - Sturon

Courgette - 3 x Green Bush

Carrots - 10 x Early Nantes

Beetroot - 5 x Detroit

Strawberries -  2 each of Honeoye, Judibell & Cambridge Favourite

Nothing too exciting but they were beautifully packaged & a 10 litre sack of worm casts was included. I'm already looking forward to next months delivery .. Have a good day x

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

A big exciting box

Ta-dah, my first Rocket garden veg plant delivery came yesterday. I spent the whole day bubbling with excitement & peevement  because I was working & quite frankly the work was getting in the way of my unpacking!

The box spent the afternoon on a leather sofa whilst I lovingly gazed at it & it's overspilling contents! Mike thankfully finished work early & while he was a tad unhappy with the box being on the sofa & slightly more unhappy that I had used one of his posh knives to open the box, his Global bread knife to be precise he was just as eager to see what was in it. He didn't seem to mind the bits of straw on the sitting room floor :)

The plants were in excellent condition & beautifully wrapped in straw. It smelt delightful & it was huge fun carefully unpacking each plant. I will do a proper write up of what plants I received on my next post. There was also a Hessian sack of worm-casts included.

There was so much straw used in the packaging, I filled a bin bag with it! I could compost it but I think I shall make a scarecrow out of the straw & sack, just to scare myself you know when  I look out at the veg patch.

Anyway I am really, really excited now, the proper squeaky type of excitement when you feel all fizzy inside. Enjoy your day my dears, I know I will x

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Everything in the garden is nearly looking rosy

Computer problems has kept me away from blogging, a combination of a wonky laptop & intermittent internet connection to be precise! Things do appear to be back to normal though.

Mike & I have spent a lot of time in the garden though which has been rather pleasant & of course the odd shopping trip for the garden has taken place too. One of these trips saw us bring back a small tray of okra plants to try, hopefully we have a bit of space spare in the greenhouse to accommodate them as I believe chilly North Wales isn't the best environment for them.

Rocky hound has been most troublesome in the garden of late, blackbirds landing is peeving him greatly & he keeps on snapping the asparagus spears when attempting to chase the blackbirds away. We did however have a wonderful risotto the other evening to make full use of the five snapped spears. I didn't starve Mike I promise you, we did have other veg in it too. I'm trying to persuade Mike to build me a brick bed for asparagus at the side of the house where the seating area is, you know just so I can have some plants safe from Rocky hound, the present bed being partly protected by old upturned hanging baskets.

I think my first batch of Rocket garden veg plants are being delivered today, I'm very excited as you can imagine. We spent the weekend watering the garden with nematodes to help keep the slug population down.When I say we I really mean me as Mike made me water the front garden as it was raining & he didn't want to look like a prat with a watering can in the rain. Fingers crossed the nematodes will help deal with the slugs as I fear we have an influx of snails this year. I found loads of them amongst the wallflowers I was pushing back yesterday when I was planting out the sweet peas & one up the sweet cherry tree!

Enjoy your day my dears, I'm off to play serious catch up while my computer is playing nicely x

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Week so far - excuses - life

Sunday -  Joining Winwick Mum's sock a long - Very pleasant day spent celebrating youngest nephews birthday. Also spent the afternoon & evening getting slightly sloshed. Spent most of this time crying with laughter with the rest of the group we were with. Met my brothers new girlfriend for the first time, my mum is more than impressed that she works for a bank. My mother also has no idea of what I do for a living, she has no interest, never has in her daughters education or careers. (You can laugh, I do) Not as bad as it sounds its just the way she is, girls don't do clever things you see! but she is pretty sure I have an important position :) I returned home at 9:15 pm Mike returned at 2 am. My sock yarn & needles glared at me from my knitting basket as we were only going to the birthday meal!!!!

Monday - Quite possibly the best day I have had all year. Mike, the hound & I spent the majority of the day in the garden. We dug, pottered & generally got the garden ready for planting. We also sowed seeds & planted some more flowers in the front. We also made a mixed bean chilli for Tuesday evening in the slow cooker. I don't like a lot of meat & have slowly over the years trying to convert Mike to more vegetarian meals. Sock yarn & needles still glaring at me from knitting basket.

Tuesday - Back to work & I actually went to the office instead of working from home. In between doing busy stuff I did read your blogs but couldn't comment as in said work place. Mike phoned to say he wouldn't be home that night so chilli still in slow cooker for Wednesday. Sock yarn & needles still glaring at me as I got drenched taking Rocky for his walk & Harry had friends over. By the time everything was sorted I was too tired!

Wednesday - Took my mum to solicitors. On our return home she remarked how young the solicitor looked. When I returned home I hastily checked my face in the mirror to count wrinkles as the solicitor was a good few years older than me & I'm 41! Mike back home so we will have the mixed bean chilli, sock yarn & needles removed from basket to coffee table.

Thursday - I'm going to a jolly in the morning. It isn't really a jolly but I'm calling it one as I will have the morning out of the office & on the email sent it stated breakfast pastries & coffee to be served after registration. I shall be there at 8:30 am on the dot!

I shall leave you with some random but recent photos & the promise of leaving a few comments on you blogs. Take care my dears x