Thursday, 14 May 2015

Rocket Garden Constant Delivery 1

My first batch of plants as promised -

No rosemary as they were too small to be posted but a promise that it will follow in my next delivery.

Arrow  - 10 seed potatoes, I shall give half to my sister as she forgot to buy some earlier on in the year & I already have a few pots worth in the garden.

2 x Tiny Tim - Tumbling ones
2 x St Pierre - Red
1 x A yellow/orange one that typically I've lost the label for!

White Cabbage - 5 x Cabbice
Red Cabbage - 5 x Red Drumhead
Savoy - 5 x Vertus

Peas 10 x Kelvedon Wonder

Lettuce - 10 mixed plants - Little Gem, Green Salad Bowl, Red Salad Bowl & Lollo Rossa

Spinach - 5 x Perpetual

Rainbow Chard - 5 x Bright Lights

Rocket - 5 x Wild Rocket

Leeks - Musselburgh

Onions - Sturon

Courgette - 3 x Green Bush

Carrots - 10 x Early Nantes

Beetroot - 5 x Detroit

Strawberries -  2 each of Honeoye, Judibell & Cambridge Favourite

Nothing too exciting but they were beautifully packaged & a 10 litre sack of worm casts was included. I'm already looking forward to next months delivery .. Have a good day x


  1. A nice variety to start with, the strawberries you will be able to multiply from runners you will be able to have a nice strawberry bed that will fruit for years, your tomatoes you can multiply as well, when you inch out the side shoots pop a few into pots of compost and they will root They will crop a little later. :-)

  2. Wow, your going to have a productive garden this year, those plants would fill my little plot.

  3. I'm laughing as I pictured the postman carefully pushing worm casts through your letterbox! I STILL have not got anything growing in my veggie patch yet this year! Terrible!

  4. We have had real success with the tumbling tomatoes in previous years, we grow them in hanging baskets from the shed. You certainly have chosen a lovely variety for your plot. Have fun planting them all out.

  5. We are growing lots of bush tomato varieties this year so are hoping for lots of small sweet fruits.

  6. Ooh, lovely, this is such an exciting time of year. I like that you were able to buy just a couple of each variety of strawberry. If you buy them bare rooted they tend to sell them by the dozen. It's so good to be able to try out different varieties and see what you like and what works best. CJ xx

  7. That's a good selection. Smaller amounts of lots of things will give you a varied harvest. I wonder what will be in the next delivery then, there's quite a bit here.

  8. Great choices. Looking forward to progress reports.

  9. That's certainly a varied selection, which should well for you.
    Thanks, and you too. Flighty xx

  10. That is a LOT of plants! Do you mean to say that you got them all in one delivery, or have I misunderstood?

    1. All of the above were in the one delivery Mark. I have ahem three further deliveries in June, July & September!

  11. I really good selection there. I love Rocket Garden plants they are so perfect and healthy. When I needed an emergency bed full the other year after the deer ate ALL my vegetables they were perfect.

  12. Wow! You're going to have enough veggies to feed everyone all year round! Can't wait to see them all growing xx

  13. Now comes the fun part of fitting it all in the garden! The lovely thing about having plug plants is that you don't spend weeks staring at bare soil wondering if your seeds will germinate, which is what I'm doing at the moment. (Although I did buy some sweet corn plants at a market yesterday. :) )

  14. Thats a lot of planting to be going on least you won't have a chance to complain off boredom...just hope the weather is co-operative for you!!


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