Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Snails in the post & asparagus tales

After making the decision not to have any chickens as Rocky hound would do his up most to try & eat them I decided to extend the asparagus patch.

Quite an undertaking really as you have to wait three years before you can pick from it. Actually you can pick a couple of spears from the second year but you really have to show great restraint as you need the crown to develop.

The ideal time to plant asparagus crowns is spring which is next year for me now as we are heading into summer. Naturally being an impatient lass I was eager to get started.

I placed an order for 10 asparagus plants from Victoriana Nurseries (& some samphire seeds too). Which were delivered yesterday, I was actually a little worried about the order as I placed it over two weeks ago. Naturally after sending an email the postman knocked on the door a couple of hours later. Pffft!

Erm I had planned to take a photo outside on the table so it looked nice rather than take one in my jumbled up greenhouse. But there you go - 5 blocks of Crimson Pacific & 5 blocks of Jersey Knight. Unfortunately they will have to stay like that as I have run out of plant pots, I'm working all weekend & I need the area to be Rocky proofed.

Where does the snail come into it I hear you ask -
Can you see the large black dot, as I unwrapped the plants from the plastic bags I noticed this little chap. I'm sure he will become a less than useful addition to my veg plot!
The asparagus plot as it is now, I have three healthy crowns there which provided a couple of pickings this year. I did have five crowns but my sisters dog ate her way through two of them last year. Typically choosing the crowns that were throwing up the thickest & juiciest spears!

Can you see the contraptions I have covering the spears. They are old hanging baskets not in use this year, I placed them on top to stop Rocky knocking off the emerging spears!

I'm going to grow my plants on for a couple of months & plant them out say the end of July. Once the bed is fenced off from Rocky hound!

P.s For you crafty folk out there I've joined in with the Santa Sack Swap again for this year. It's a six month long commitment which is why I'm allowed to mention Christmas now, pop along & take a look.

Enjoy your day all x


  1. Snails hitching rides in the post, whatever next. Asparagus is something I've never grown, I think it's the waiting to harvest from the plants which puts me off, silly really as I'd have been picking long ago if I'd started a bed off when I first got my plot. Mind you, I've changed sites since so I'd have had to make a new bed.

  2. One of my favourite vegetables asparagus, I would love to grow some if I had the space. Is it grown in sand?

  3. Well now you know what took your shipment so long ... it was sent by Snail Mail ;)
    ... couldn't pass that up!

  4. Snails used to hitch a ride in the car post recycling centre run until we got a garden waste bin delivered. Oh the lovely garden I would have if it were not for the snails!!

  5. It's not something I grow as I'm not keen on it. I use old hanging baskets over containers and pots to stop squirrels digging up the bulbs.
    Thanks, and you too. Flighty xx

  6. You should post it back! It might be a beloved pet!!!!!

  7. Asparagus is well worth the wait. I was lucky enough to inherit an asparagus patch, it's such a treat at this time of year. By midsummer's day everyone will be fed up with it though. Except me. Rocky the Hound sounds very enthusiastic about everything in the garden. A good way to be! CJ xx

  8. Asparagus is "part of the scene" for me these days. Once you have established a bed of it you don't need to do much maintenance. I find that sometimes the local foxes (or whatever) nibble a few spears, or break them off during their worm-searching antics. Never had a problem with snails attacking the Asparagus though.

  9. It sounds as though the no chickens because of Rocky is the right decision! Hope you can get to plant your asparagus soon - but not that darned snail!!! He needs moving a long way away!!! xx

  10. I hope they didn't charge for it..

  11. When we first moved to our home we were inundated with slugs and snails,we would evening after evening go around collecting them in a bucket, then we got chooks - good bye slug and snail problem! Mind you we never received any in the post before!

  12. I was surprised to find that my snail population is minimal and the slugs are easily kept under control with some torchlight hunting forays. I missed out on the Santa Sack Swap last year as I had just moved, but have popped over and signed up now.

  13. You are not allowed to mention Christmas!

    I didn't know you could order asparagus like that or samphire either, I do love both and now, inspired by you, I shall pester my husband to grow both :o) xx

  14. We have never given over ground to asparagus so that is a lucky lucky thing. Enjoy! Jo x


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