Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Nice things in the the post & other tales

I was the very lucky winner of Mitzi's Lazy Days & Sundays giveaway & I received my lovely prize a couple of days ago.

Not sure who was more excited Harry or me & I graciously let him unwrap the box!
All the gifts were based on a Bee theme which was lovely I really like bees, useful things being a gardener too.

I received a very pretty bee mug which has been filled with tea several times over now, gardening gloves with bees on again very useful & some Burt's Bees toiletries which are truly lovely I shall keep the tin for buttons. Also in the parcel - a set of scissor with little bees on them, they really are very cute. The colour nearly matches my sewing box & it's where they live now -
Thank you Mitzi I was thrilled to receive them all x

Onto other news I have yet again come down with Pneumonia I tend to get it two or three times a year so am back on antibiotics & a visit back to the doctors next week. I  declined a sick note (to Mikes horror) as I'm off next week & have an important investigation meeting to take on Friday. We've caught it early this time & I know the drill, rest, fluids & antibiotics. Aesop will be well used next week. I'm working from home today, might go in tomorrow, definitely be in on Friday, work from home Saturday & then a week off.

Broad beans have been harvested, I sat on a bench in the garden with the compost bin & a bowl for a couple of hours Monday evening, it was a pleasant task even if it took a little longer than expected -

Some for dinner & five bags for the freezer
We had a few potatoes from the garden too, a little rummage in one of the pots & we found a few 'International Kidney' - Jersey Royals if grown in the correct location, they were an absolute delight to eat along with the beans. 

Right that's me, hope you are all well x 

Monday, 20 July 2015

Introducing the beast (not a gardening post)

Ta da, my lovely new sewing machine beast thing! It's computerised & quite frankly scares me but I'm off next week so shall have time to dabble with it properly. The instruction booklet is the size & thickness of a magazine so that's my bedtime reading at the moment!

But it really is a fabulous thing & came with oodles of extras -
Hard cover to keep it safe & clean in my dusty house!

Extension table for quilting

Usual bits & pieces for making it work & a scary embroidery thing

Mike stumped up a bit extra for feet for quilting

Bonus feet in the box

A set of scissors

Last but by no means least 50 reels of thread!
It amazes me how bad I am at photography but the scratches on the kitchen table have come up beautifully in the third shot!

I've needed to upgrade to a better sewing machine for ages & had started looking for one a couple of weeks back. I knew the sort I wanted - for dressmaking, quilting that sort of thing so I've been doing quite a bit of research into the best one for me & one that would last too.

My mum overheard a conversation that Mike I were having about going to Sewing Machine Direct which isn't too far away from us. I've learnt my lesson about buying expensive items with out looking at them first & not speaking to an experienced person. To cut a long story short my mum was rather insistent about buying me the machine as she wanted to buy me something nice for sorting out my dads estate for her after his death. To be honest I wasn't too keen on the idea but after spending a couple of days thinking about it & dealing with a petulant mother I gave in. I couldn't get out of  work so Mike went down to the shop with three models in mind & asked for advice. And this was the best out of the bunch it's exclusive to the shop we bought it from & Mike was really impressed with the service he felt he received there, also Wendy the lady he spoke to passed her contact details on a  business card in case I had any trouble with it & I can pop into the shop so it was sold! Well really it was ordered that afternoon & delivered to my mums the next day!

So there you go my new sewing beast, I've noticed a trend for people naming their sewing machines. Can you see the tortoise & the hare on the right hand corner - I'm thinking of calling it Aesop!

Enjoy your day all, I shouldn't be blogging I should be tackling the mountain of washing that needs putting away! x

Friday, 17 July 2015

In the blink of an eye

I can't find any baby photos, I can't get to the place where they are stored & Rob has removed all the framed ones on show in case I post something on facebook & I have some on display at his graduation party.

Oh my these last 21 years have absolutely flown by, from a tiny baby with hands the size of shovels he has grown up into a truly delightful young man.

He has had a truly wonderful time at uni & has taken every opportunity to progress, there is a favourite photo of mine from his facebook page where he is on the beach with his friends playing volleyball. cricket, having bbq's etc. & just hanging out. His uni was just by the sea & it was just delightful to see, also what you want to see when you send your 18 year old off away from home as you want to see them happy & content.

Yesterday was a dream it was an absolute pleasure to be part of it with him Mike & I were both beyond proud yesterday. The whole ceremony was in Welsh which I thought was a wonderful touch, my little Welsh boy was made up.

With great delight we found we were seated directly above Rob & his class I'm not sure Rob was as delighted when one of his class mates looked up & saw a mad old lady waving, she tapped him on the shoulder & the poor boy looked up with a slight look of horror!

It truly was a wonderful day helped by some extremely alcoholic Pimms, don't think there was too much lemonade in the jug!

Onwards & upwards now my boy! He also starts his new job on Monday & you really can't get much better than that after you graduate.

I will try & catch up with you all this afternoon, if not it will be over the weekend, in all honesty it will be a combination of both. We are taking my mum shopping this morning & I will be opening my new sewing machine at some point. I hope you have all had a splendid week.

P.S Countryside Tales I was snorting with laughter as I walked behind Rob yesterday just after he robed up, we were on our way to the front. I thought he looked like a rather magnificent moth!

Another P.S For whatever reason a UK swapper has had to pull out of this years swap, it's a six month commitment of five home made gifts & a sack, stocking or bag hence the need to start in the middle of the year. Cheryll the host is looking for another swapper details here should anyone like to take part Santa Sack Swap. It really is a fun swap to take part in xx

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Thank you

I forget to say thank you for the nice comments you left about Rob & the non-alcoholic drink suggestions last week. Also for the lovely comments you leave anyway, I do feel a slight amount of guilt for not responding to comments but time restrictions rule on that one.

So here are some flowers from the garden instead, in my usual just point & shoot blurry style, possibly not around for the rest of the week but I shall be on Saturday with a few photos of Rob's graduation & possibly my new fancy sewing machine, very excited about that - well both - get your priorities right woman!!!

Monday, 13 July 2015

Making time for me

I find it hard to dedicate time to me, working full time in a stressful job, kids, husband, housework you know real life - I always have something else going on. The garden takes up a fair bit of time too not that I'm complaining it's my main hobby after all!

Now I have finally sorted my late fathers estate & no longer have the headache of the previous three years before his death to contend with I do have more guilt free time.

I've made a start on this, yes the kitchen floor did go unmopped & I forgot to defrost something for dinner but I made a start -
It's from this book - Welcome to the North Pole which I've had for a couple of years but haven't found the time to make it.

There are a selection of blocks to make & they are then joined together to make a quilt, it's my home-made Christmas present to me so I had to make a start now didn't I!

I'm off to my mothers shortly to finish off stripping the walls as we are decorating there. It's pushed the kitchen back by a couple of weeks but it's worth it just to see the excitement on her face.

We have a busier week this time round, Rob is graduating on Thursday, we are taking my mum out for the day on Friday, Rob has booked himself a graduating party on the Saturday & thoughtfully volunteered me to make the buffet & Saturday day & Sunday will see us wallpapering & painting at my mums.

I'm almost looking forward to going to work for a rest, except I've got a mound of application forms for a vacancy I advertised internally to go through. Think I've opened a can of worms with that idea. Still haven't bought any alcohol though!! Enjoy your week all, I hope to take some flowery photos for another post if it stops raining x

Friday, 10 July 2015

Five on Friday

I haven't taken part in Amy's Five on Friday for yonks, you know the score time restrictions, work, real life - blah blah blah!!

I like collecting things, apart from yarn, fabric & seeds I like collecting old things. Much to Mikes horror one of my collections consists of Jubilee/Coronation mugs -

So there you go five old mugs/cups - I would also like to say the collection doesn't stop there. It's quite a large collection of other related items. When the kitchen is finished I'm going to display it in all it's finery on a splendid old shelf unit!! It will be a special surprise for Mike :)

Enjoy your day all, do pop over to Amy to see the other Five on Friday posts x

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

What's going on in the garden?

Well lots this year thankfully mostly good too! Sorry photo heavy - you have been warned! :)

Cucumber, there is another hiding behind the pot

Sweet potato, I need to put a support in as the vines like to scramble


A very busy vegetable guard dog 

The new asparagus plants are chucking up new spears, I might write up a three year plan as it will be another three before I can harvest fully from these

Black currants enough for jam

Ditto the gooseberries

My broad beans seem awfully slow this year, fingers crossed I can pick some this weekend

Courgette flowers, still no actual courgettes! 

Overflow veg beds, turnips, radish, beetroot, fennel, spring onions & coriander are all sprouting in these

Some of the potatoes, these are Pink Fir Apple a few weeks off yet as they are a maincrop variety. I do have some others though so should be able to harvest a few at the weekend 

Peas! These don't reach the kitchen. We sit in the garden & munch as a pre dinner snack! 

An over flowing brassica patch, it's full of cabbages, there is some broccoli in there too & a bit of space left for PSB

Runner beans starting to climb

Enjoy your day all x