Monday, 24 August 2015


Well I've had a splendid weekend, you? No days out it was just one of those nice easy going weekends! Mike & I had a break away from all this social media - him Facebook me blogging hence I'm a little behind.

Planning a holiday for next year, Cornwall has officially been decided on, even the grown up child wishes to come along & my mother too. What a fun trip that will be 7 hours in a people carrier with my mother, the hound & 14 year old & a 22 year old!

School starts again next week, I bought Harry some beautiful grey trousers a couple of weeks back when uniform shopping & wondered to myself whilst completing said purchase why I hadn't bought him grey trousers for a long time. It's when I got back home & putting his stuff away I realised why, his blazer is black! Hence a little hurrying round Saturday morning to find black trousers!
I rescued a toad from my mothers garden yesterday cue big smiles on my face! My mothers garden is a wilderness desert of flags & stones & mine is a lush paradise of vegetation with slugs & bugs!
Mike found my secret stash of new mugs!
One of Mikes gargoyles which quite frankly scares the bejesus out of me as it's just outside the french doors & I always catch it in the corner of my eye. 
Some sprouting broccoli ready for picking. I think we shall have it for dinner tonight. I know Mike is home & as we are on a slight health kick at the moment it will be served with grilled fish.  Anything goes on a Sunday though & I managed to scoff my way through two chocolate puddings & two flakes yesterday! 

Other news Robs graduation photos have finally arrived - finally - I blame Mike for wanting them framed

Oh & the raspberries are ready, still waiting for the yellow ones though!

Enjoy your day all xx

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Nice new rose bush

Now not so very long ago Mike & I visited a very local nursery. Plant one of course because as much as I've pestered I'm not allowed any more children & quite frankly now the youngest is 13 I'm not sure I could cope!

Anyway a few months back we signed up to the garden club. This entails a discount card, free tea & coffee once a month & offers throughout the year.

I shall set the scene - Mike must've lost the plot that day as I soon found myself unaccompanied in the plant section while Mike was still inside. As I skipped happily flitting from one plant section to the next my eyes alighted on a glorious sight - a new delivery of David Austin rose's.

Mike realising his schoolboy error soon caught up with me but the damage was done.

'You are not having another rose bush Joanne'

'Oh really (sad face), they are so pretty(sad face)'

'There isn't space for one is there, I shall have to dig another border'

'Yes that's a good idea & you're awfully good at that , oh look Mike there is one named after your niece & we would get a discount' (big beaming smile now)

Short version above & once I saw Mike wavering I grabbed the one I wanted & scampered off to the till!

Boscobel is a delight, it has the most beautiful scent. It's a nice short bush & the very shade of pink I wanted. No Mikes niece is not named Boscobel but I needed to gain his attention you understand & to finish the scene of nicely for you - Mike spluttering over his coffee when I casually mentioned that really you should have three rose bushes together!

Enjoy your day all xx

P.S notice the petals underneath the bush, flaming teenagers using the front lawn as a wrestling ring there is also a squashed hydrangea bush next to it!

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

This & that

Well mum had her carpets fitted yesterday. Sitting room, hall stairs, landing & new flooring in the conservatory too. She has thoroughly enjoyed ploughing her way through one of my dads savings accounts, never had access to it before you see. She has plenty left over to see her through - she just wanted to splurge. Her grandchildren have been pleased too!

Both my parents were deeply unhappy together, 54 years married to the wrong person & not willing to give up must destroy your soul really. On the upside the change in her since the death of my father has been remarkable, she's a new woman.  Never being allowed to do anything when my dad was at home (female, not capable you see) she was over the moon to be allowed to use Mikes Stanley knife to help remove what remained of the sitting room carpet. Mike took up the majority of it Monday evening just leaving her enough to keep her feet warm. I'd love to see how she managed to get down to the carpet to attack it with a blade and her cataracts getting in the way of seeing what she was doing! Also Mike would have had to hoik her up with her bad back an all! She's had fun over these last few weeks & that's the main thing.

Anyhoo now this decorating malarkey at my mothers is over & solid oak worktops to be delivered in several weeks things can get back to a little more normality round here.

New rose, I shall do a proper post about it sometime soon  this week! 

Lying in wait for some birds yesterday, needless to say I failed! Looks pretty though doesn't it? 

Nearly plum jam time, it would be a damn site nearer if I had worktops on my new units. Slate floor looks good though! 
Thank you for your comments yesterday. Yes I really should be on my mums accounts, that is the plan she twitches when inside a bank or anywhere like that & it was hard enough a few weeks back setting her up with several new savings accounts. I am working on it though.

I now think that after your suggestions I will place my little citrus trees on the kitchen windowsill for the winter. It's a bay window so they will get plenty of light.

Take care all xx

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

A Mrs Doubtfire moment

At times I wish things could just go to plan & I wasn't the sort of person who frequently finds themselves in a situation.

My mother in her elder years & quite frankly the years before that doesn't respond well to modern technology & can't understand the workings of her debit card. So either my sister or me will take her card to buy whatever item she requires.

I popped off to the carpet shop this morning to pay for the carpets she is having fitted tomorrow. The card was declined! I had to return to my mothers house & phone the bank to see why the card had declined. To top matters off I had to pretend to be her as there was no way on this earth in fact the moon & stars are not spared in this little story would she phone the bank.

Hence I spent several minutes on the phone in an accent similar to Mrs Doubtfire & a similar style of fraud so I could get the card unblocked!! Then spending several minutes after that trying to explain to an irate pensioner who was disgusted that the bank had blocked her card for security reasons. I would also like to point out that I am the person who heads the fraud department at the company I work for  & sigh.

Anyway matter resolved I popped back to the carpet shop paid with said debit card & returned home to a large lunchtime G&T & the potting up of my citrus trees.

I have an orange tree, lemon tree & lime tree. In my usual haphazard style I didn't label said trees & have no idea which is which.

I potted them up using a specialist citrus compost & some nice little terracotta pots.

The blurb on the back of the packet states to feed after six weeks with some citrus feed which I will do & in October to add a plant food capsule thingamajig to the soil I shall also do that.

The plants are still quite small but one has the most beautifully scented blossom, small flowers but an incredibly strong fragrance. My fanciful nature also thinks it can spy some fruit!

Poor floral image & my white wash on the line in the background! 
Now the greenhouse isn't heated so I either purchase a heater, place them on the kitchen window sill over winter or build a frame in the greenhouse & surround them with bubble wrap. I'm thinking more of the latter, suggestions welcome.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Joy of Joys

After an extremely crappy week where a complete system breakdown in work, Mike working away for most of the week & complete over tiredness which meant I wasn't my usual 'I can deal with everything self.' Especially when I received a few calls over why Mike was meeting a girl in a pub by himself.

 Dealing with people who should know better & shouldn't be meddling with their own poisonous thoughts in other peoples relationships - it has proved to be a most trying week!

Incidentally Mike met up with a girl he knew from work who is less than half his age, there was also a group of colleagues meeting for a drink, the girl was looking for him to save him walking, he was there less than 40 minutes, had two orange juices & returned by himself with a bag of chips! I'm sure you can imaging the poisonous meddling's from others who were not privy to such information & saw fit to cast aspersions when I was not in a fit mental state to deal with them.

The weekend proved to be much better after a full night sleep on Friday. Mike & I went out for a meal on Saturday evening, you can imagine what the gossip mongers thought of that! It was one of those funny laugh out evenings that we hadn't had for ages I was in my element people watching. The couple that were seated be side us - oh my they were awful. Mike kicked me under the table to stop me from telling the man off about his behaviour, gosh he was so obnoxious & a complete & utter idiot. I had tears running down my self when he made a big show over complaining about the potato wedges his girlfriend had ordered. They were sweet potato wedges & they were making a big show about them not being crispy & many many other things. I was snorting into my drinks all night.

We spent the afternoon at my mums finishing off the decorating & removing carpets as she is having new ones fitted tomorrow. She phoned up last night at 9pm saying she couldn't shut the conservatory doors & could we help. Off we went & joy of joys a bat flew right past us I was in my element, one flew towards me too quite possibly to investigate the silent squeaks of excitement coming from my mouth. It was completely magical & I'm off out tonight at the same time to see if I can spy some more.

Also this week has got off to a splendid start I've won a giveaway :) The lovely Pam was giving away two bags of crafty goodies & I was one of the lucky winners! Unfortunately for Pam she has been called away this week on nursing duties so do send kind thoughts & prayers xx

Take care all I forgot to download my latest photos not that you're missing much with my lack of abilities so I have put in some of Rocky hound

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

A round up

I've not been around for a while, busy decorating mums house & keeping well out of the way of Mike fitting the new kitchen. Just need to take out several mortgages to buy the oak worktops he wants. no craft shopping for a while he told me. Naturally I had to make several small purchases before handing over the contents of my bank account for said worktops.

A couple of weeks back it could actually be three we were awaiting the surveyors to come & inspect the roof as Mike wanted solar panels too. When Mike opened the attic hatch he spotted this. Actually Harry spotted it & we had to keep his snout well away whilst waiting for the pest control man to come out, which he did after relieving my bank account of £45. Harry still had his snout in the attic whilst the chap was in injecting the huge wasp nest. It's a lot bigger than it looks, in between football & beach ball size. I have mixed reservations about the killing of the wasps one actually came & stung me at my mums several days later.

The garden is looking good in the whole. lots of failures especially my third Rocket Garden delivery but the rest is looking good. I've not complained yet but a lot of the plants died from this delivery & I've had to order some more sprouting broccoli plants so naturally I ordered white sprouting too as you do!

The cabbages have been splendid the white ones are ready for harvesting now, the savoy & red are a little way off yet

We've had potatoes & beans fresh from the garden & I ate a solitary greengage. I did offer half to Mike but he declined. It was barley larger than a cherry -
Rob is splendidly happy in his new job. It doesn't seem two minutes since I was packing him off to school now he's a graduate with a proper job. I still  make his sandwiches though!

I've been busy crafting in the evening - knitting, secret crafty projects for my Santa Sack Swap & pretending to myself that I know how to crochet more than I actually can do -
 I'm attempting this shawl, it's like working with a spiders web I have done an extra round though with my tongue sticking out as I work.

Are you all well, I've mostly recovered from my pneumonia thanks for the comments. I've had comments that my breathing seems affected but I feel fine & all the better for finally completing a post I shall play catch up again xx