Thursday, 17 September 2015


Firstly thank you for your lovely comments on my kitchen & brick wall & secondly for your comments on yesterdays post regarding Harry. It's a straight forward train journey, no football match on that day thankfully as the ground is next to the station! If he's insisting on going by train & he will need to learn how to cope on public transport I might persuade Mike that we travel on the train but not in the same carriage. (to do some shopping)! God I sound like an overwhelming parent I'm really not & Harry has matured wonderfully over the last six months & now I need to stop going on about it!!
Back to the title of the post. I have a large oven, an impulse purchase by Mike a few years back thankfully we have it covered by product insurance! The only item we do have covered only because it came free with it & when that ended Mike took them up on the offer. It keeps on breaking down I'm going to have it replaced after Christmas as we have had it repaired nine times in oh about five years!

It actually broke down again a couple of months back but I neglected to call them as we were in the middle of Mike doing the kitchen & we have a little oven too + it was sort of summer so BBQ & stove top cooking sufficed. I called them five days ago or rather Mike did & yes it takes them that long to come out!

Sorry you have Mike again!
Anyway the nice engineer chap came out with the part they thought had broken this time. It wasn't, a wire had snapped off the element! 
My question is what do you do when you have a chap round, I did the normal things an offer of a drink & showed them to the kitchen, am I the only person to think they should offer a food option too?  I feel like I'm hovering & I don't like leaving them by themselves it seems a little rude to me.

Quite frankly I would of been happy if a large hole had opened & swallowed me up when he opened the oven door. Cleaning the big oven is Mikes job - oh my god it was grotty inside & there was even grease on the door & a slice of pepperoni on the bottom shelf. I could of cried with shame - it hadn't been used for about two months!
The chap fixed the oven (quickly)  & the  proceeded to take photos - of the oven not my shame!
Apparently they have to now, personally I think there is website of the worlds grubbiest ovens & the chap who fixed mine is now seriously in the running for an all expenses holiday to Barbados for two with 1st class flights thrown in!! 

Onto nicer things the lovely Jo over at Through The Keyhole is organising a rather splendid Christmas swap, do go & take a look it's called the Twelve days of Christmas swap so you send 12 individually wrapped gifts top open on those days, all the proper details are on Jo's blog post. Naturally I've signed up - quite possibly as soon as she had pressed the publish button but there we go! 

Now in the interest of exaggeration my oven itself was quite clean, the shelves looked immaculate  from the distance I was standing, it was the inside of the door that was the issue god it really was rammy!! Seriously so, perhaps it was the way the light was shining on it through the window but deep down I know the truth.
And another thing I ramble a lot, seriously I really do go on. There are some beautifully eloquent blogs out there - this isn't one of them. Fun though I'd like to think!!

Take care all xx


  1. I now save £1.32 a week or something like that and pay a man to come and clean it for me! It saves my knees. It saves my lungs from the Mr Muscle fumes and it saves me time!! I promise myself I'll keep on top of it - outrageous lies! Best thing is the oven comes out looking showroom new again!

  2. I hate cleaning the oven, plus because of my shoulder.neck issue I find it nigh on impossible to reach the back. I am going to investigate a cleaning service.

  3. You gave me a great giggle this fine morning.
    I can just empathise with that feeling you have when a repair man arrives. He'd probably was understanding. that you couldn't bake him a cake though. Lol
    I have a 'self-cleaning' oven. Yeah, right ! Every time I open it I think : "I really should clean out the bottom of the oven" Only to forget about it when I close the door again. Better to have another cuppa. Not before I've fed the pigs, mind you. Animals always come first.
    Patricia xxx...x

  4. You made me smile this morning. I usually leave workmen to get on with what they are doing if it takes a while I offer tea or coffee but I know what you mean about it being a dilema. I remember once someone coming to mend the video player and he arrived early before I'd had a chance to dust under the tv and etc I was mortified by the dust flying everywhere as he worked:)

  5. I am feeling pretty rough with a horrible flu like bug but that really did make me smile. There are not many people who live a perfect life and have a clean oven, that's what makes your blog so real.

  6. I leave them to it, had too many experiences of seeing "builder's bum"" ha ha
    Great idea re the trip..clever you. Another swap..I shouldn,t , but no harm in looking !!! Xx

  7. Thank goodness it's not just me. Oven cleaning is a bridge too far, and the high temperatures mean that there is no health danger, so I'm happy. (That's my justification). I like to offer a tea or coffee if they're there for a while, and if they're lovely they get a homemade cookie as well. CJ xx

  8. That did make me chuckle. I leave the oven cleaning to Mick, it's one job I refuse to do. I offer workmen a cuppa but that's it, and yes, I hover too, though I always feel uncomfortable doing so. Thank you for mentioning my swap, we've got quite a few people signed up so it should be lots of fun.

  9. Great post. I have a blind spot as far as the inside of the oven is concerned. Life's too short to worry about such things.

  10. Good luck with that "lemon" of a stove, and I think you are wise to replace it. It would be so frustrating. As for feeding the guy, whenever I have workers in the landscaping project I think I should offer them something. It's so hot working in the sun, but they seem to have everything they need with them.

  11. Do people clean ovens? Good grief, you'll be telling me that the windows need washing every so often as well! I'm not sure I'm ready for that much excitement yet.

    And as for your blog not being eloquent.... eloquence be damned! Your blog is fun to read and does me good, just like a small break with a proper friend!

  12. Jo it has been one of those days where I have met myself coming back and I finally got to have a break and quick flick over to blog land. Your post has had me crying laughing (not sure if that was the impact you were hoping for) your oven story really made me smile. Glad you came to a happy conclusion about Harry it's hard letting them go whether they are your first born or your last. I did worry after I left my comment on your last post that I sounded a bit of a know it all but as I always said to mine it's not them I didn't trust it's everybody else. I'm sure it will work out which ever way you go.

  13. Oh, the shame, I know what you mean, The inside of my oven is a total disgrace and I live in fear of being found out. As for offering refreshments, I always offer a tea or coffee, nothing else. My mum gives her window cleaner tea and cake. When we teased her about it she said "we are in Hampshire you know!"

  14. I mis-read what you said and for a minute there thought you gave the oven man a shower in your kitchen. That probably is going a little too far in the welcome stakes. A cuppa is what that get here. And as for filthy ovens, you should see ours. It's an absolute disgrace. Housework is not one of my top attributes! XX

  15. I never offer workmen food, unless they admit to forgetting their packed lunch, then they get a bacon buttie or toast ... depending on how generous I'm feeling and how hard they are working. After an initial cup of tea or coffee I depart the area and leave them to get on with it. After having builders here for the last twelve months, regular food supplies would have cost me a fortune, as it is I'm thinking about billing them for a box or three of PG Tips ;-)

    As for cleaning ovens .... I have an AGA ... you don't have to!! A quick sweep out with a wire brush once a year is all it needs.


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