Monday, 14 September 2015


We had a nice day yesterday - one of those nice relaxing ones. The housework had been completed on Friday & Saturday which helped no end in the cause of relaxation!
The peaches looked big enough to be picked, they are smaller than the ones in the supermarket  but still a nice size. They had a little bit of give so I picked one & sampled it in the kitchen by slicing chunks off. Still a bit too hard but hopefully they will ripen off the tree, if they don't I will make a peach & blueberry cobbler. I have a tin of evaporated milk to use up & it will make a nice pudding after some soup this weekend.
Whilst pondering in the kitchen over the ripeness of said peach I noticed how the leaves are starting to turn colour
Talking of kitchen its kind of nearly complete
All wave to Mike now, the wall units need to go up, the worktops need another coat of oil, the trim needs to be added & we need to argue over tile choices but we are nearly there

Work top on the floor??? but I do have a working sink now :)
& my nice new fridge freezer which will be moved to the other side so the tall cupboard & bookcase can be put up in the alcove.

I'm keeping the brick wall Mike needs to give it a brush down & seal it as it's awfully dusty I think it sneezes during the night.

Mike wants to plaster the wall but I like it as it is Mike doesn't know yet I'm going to make some fabric & knitted animal heads for it That will pleas him no end I'm sure! 

One of the chaps who delivered the fridge/freezer asked Mike if he was going to plaster it - I shall give you the conversation

'Are you going to plaster that pal'?
'No, she wants to keep it as it is, a kind of feature she said'
'Oh right, you want to grow a pair mate & tell her it's being plastered'
'I could do yes but errr shes in the front room & is a bit of a pocket rocket so it will definitely stay as a feature now'

Right I'm off I will have to put the blinking dryer on as it's just started pouring down & I don't know where Mike has hidden the airer. Enjoy your day all x 


  1. The kitchen is looking great, almost there how exciting! The peaches look great on the tree. The brick feature wall will add a bit of rustic charm. The overheard conversation is hilarious!

  2. Your kitchen looks amazing!! Great work Mike!! Love the look of stainless steel and wood and brick all looking sleek and rustic at the same time. You must love stepping in there now :) Glad you got to keep the bricks!

  3. Your new kitchen is looking fantastic! My kitchen is about the size of your fridge freezer. I have serious kitchen envy now. X

  4. Lovely new kitchen and freezer,lucky you x

  5. Your kitchen is looking great, definitely worth all the hard work. Glad to see your peaches have done well, I'm hoping for better things from mine next year.

  6. Impressive looking kitchen and a wonderful fridge/freezer. Worth all the hard work.

  7. your kitchen is looking great, shame about the weather its raining here in Kent today in-between sunshine x

  8. Oh what a fantastic kitchen, you're making a wonderful job of it. And the fridge freezer is brilliant. You could store a body in there! And don't forget the gin in the water dispenser. Wishing you an excellent week. CJ xx

  9. Yes, it was definitely worth it. The kitchen looks fab. Well done for getting through it all!

  10. The peaches look good even though the one you tried was still a bit hard.
    I guess that you'll be relieved when the kitchen has been done.
    Thanks, and you too. Flighty xx

  11. I see you've got the gin ready for filling up the water dispenser. How funny about the wall conversation! Well done Mike, the kitchen looks fab :o) X

  12. Which variety of peach do you have? I'll be interested to know what the flavour is like.

    1. Bucketing down at present here so I will check later. I know it's a dwarf one with a German sounding name & there wasn't much of a flavour to be honest it certainly smelt very peachy though x

  13. It's looking great, the end is in sight :-)

    I would feel very at home in there, same cupboards, worktops and almost the same fridge freezer, but I am TOTALLY jealous of you having an exposed brick wall. It's something I've always wanted, especially in a kitchen. Don't let him win .... plastering over that lovely old brick would be a crime ;-)

  14. Lovely to see the kitchen taking shape, you must be feeling relieved that it's nearly all over.

  15. Nearly there kitchen wide, how lovely. Those peaches look very respectable, are you sure they aren't plastic ones? :-)

  16. Wow! Those peaches look lovely and I have fridge (and exposed brick wall) envy!

  17. The kitchen is looking lovely Jo, bet you can't wait for it to be finished :-) I love the brick feature wall too xx

  18. Amei conhecer o seu blog, já fiquei por aqui!!!Achei maravilhoso!!!
    Siga-me e pegue o meu selinho!!!


    Beijos Marie.

  19. Gosh what a beautiful kitchen emerging!
    Definitely agree that Autumn is coming!

  20. Oh you do make me laugh, wish we were neighbours!!! We had a similar discussion re tiles this week, and my man hadn,t grown any either and gave in to my choice..!!!!I know what it is, it's girl power !!!!! Maria xx

  21. Your kitchen is looking gorgeous. Fab fridge and cooker! Good for you sticking to your guns re the exposed

  22. What a lovely, fun post, Jo! Your kitchen is going to look gorgeous. xx


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